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  1. longcruise

    Mould lube disaster

    ok, not really anywhere near "disaster" but it got your attention. :) A while back in a casting discussion (can't find it to link) the question of mold lube came up. I have always used the bullet lube solution and it worked well but, being curious like the cat i have to try new things and...
  2. longcruise

    SOLD CVA Hawken 54 cal

    Offered here is a CVA Hawken rifle in .54 caliber. Barrel is 28" with 1/48 twist rate. The ramrod is newly made of teak and is slightly over length with a bulb on the end of it. The working end of the rod is glued and pinned with a rod tip with 10-32 threads. I left the rod long to be done...
  3. longcruise

    SOLD CVA lock

    this is a percussion CVA lock. Never been used. It has a fly. Note the measurements. I don't know what this lock was originally intended to fit so if you think it may be suitable for your existing CVA firearm study the photos. This is the last of four of these locks that I got quite a few...
  4. longcruise

    priming horn question

    I'm not a flintlock shooter but have decided that It would be fun to hunt with one this year. I'm just getting started building the gun and got wondering about the priming horn. Apparently the use of the little plunger type of dispenser is popular and track has them that dispense varying...
  5. longcruise

    So It begins!

    Got the breech end of the barrel inlet into the breech area of the stock (barrel channel and ramrod hole done by Jack Garner) and the breech plug installed. That's the first one In quite a long time and I had forgotten what a PITA it is! Also, this was the first time I breeched a 15/16" barrel...
  6. longcruise

    First shots in Hoyt rebore

    The weather and life in general finally came together allowing an opportunity to visit the range with my vintage 1974 Tc Hawken with it's original 50 barrel now rebored to 54 by mr Hoyt. The only thing I did to the barrel before shooting was to polish the bore a bit with a few tight patches...
  7. longcruise

    FOR SALE Shooters/Hunters Bag Kit

    Here's a fun and economical way to build your own shooting bag. Most shooters who want to build there own bag find the initial investment in the leather and tools for the project to be very costly. So, here is a kit that contains just about everything you need to make the bag. $55 TYD in any...
  8. longcruise

    A question about teflon patches

    Ok, not looking to initiate a rancorous discussion on this subject, just have one question for teflon shooters. Do you lube the teflon patches or shoot them as is?
  9. longcruise

    WANTED Nose cap for Lyman GPR

    I need a nose cap for a Lyman Great Plains rifle. Let me know if you have one to sell or trade and what an acceptable price would be.
  10. longcruise

    A thread about threads!

    Well, specifically the threads for the cleanout screw on a GM drop in barrel. I lost mine while doing a barrel refinish and nothing in my treasure chest seems to fit. Any help here appreciated!
  11. longcruise

    Which blue formula?

    I'm in the process of cleaning up and reconditioning my GPR. The metal has previously been finished with birchwood casey plum brown but I'm going to a cold blue finish this time around (not looking for browning suggestions). What, in your collective experience is the better cold blue formula?
  12. longcruise

    Small, Medium, Large?

    No, not your T shirt? Bore size. And yes, this is sort of a frivolous topic but I'm just wondering what others consider to be small, medium and large bores?
  13. longcruise

    Tang for GPR?

    Does anyone know where to get a tang for a GPR? Or one that will work with the GPR breech plug? It doesn't have to fit the inlet on a rifle. It's going to be used on a pistol build from an orphan barrel.
  14. longcruise

    Is this a helicoil?

    Cleaning a GM drop in barrel today and saw this. It looks like a stainless steel helicoil in the nipple threads. The crossways piece in the bottom seems to be from the helicoil having turned itself in beyond the threads that hold it. I've had this barrel for a long time now and today was the...
  15. longcruise

    SOLD GPR Set Trigger

    Factory GPR set trigger. Never been used or installed. Functions perfectly. $30.00 plus actual postage to your door
  16. longcruise

    SOLD WTS TC Renegade

    Here is a TC Renegade .54 caliber than is unfired! I'm not sure of the manufacture dates, but the SN is 255XX. This is the same as buying a brand new TC Renegade. I was originally going to give this to a grandson but it turns out he already has one. I already have three .54 rifles so I'm...
  17. longcruise

    SOLD Double Pouch Shooting Bag

    Here is another bag that I built some years ago and have used mostly for hunting but also during organized shoots. This bag has some wear on it and a few repairs to boot but it's in sound condition. This bag measures 6" tall and 5 1/2" across. It's small but holds a lot because of the double...
  18. longcruise

    SOLD Shooting bag/hunting pouch

    Certainly suitable for any shooting purpose. This bag is made of 3oz veg tan and measures 10" long X 8" wide. The two inside pockets are 2.5" X 2.5" each. I made the flap from a piece of hide near the edge that had some processing holes in it just for an effect. Not sure what that effect is...
  19. longcruise

    The cooperative bull

    It was a typical muzzle loading season so far. Bluebird days and cold cold nights. The quakies were putting on a fabulous fall display and the campfires were warm and friendly. Only problem was, the country was full of hunters but not so full of elk! We had made many forays into the the hills...
  20. longcruise

    Another serial number question

    The last time I asked a SN# question I got a little bit drug over the coals! Being hard to deter (and possibly hard headed) I'm asking another. I picked up a used CVA Hawken. Hawken is the only identifier in terms of nomenclature. It's not a mountain rifle. One barrel key and 28" barrel...