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    Navy Arms 1864 Springfield

    I just picked this up on a whim. Apparently an early Pedersoli, as it has the bullseye mark? Two piece stock. It appears to be unfired, and the place I got it said the original owner bought it years ago for doing re-enactments, but never fired it. What year is it? I thought I read the date...
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    Repairable locks?

    These are from a B. Woodward and Sons SxS percussion shotgun. Both sides have broken bridles, and one side is missing the main spring and swivel. I have zero experience with such things. Are parts available for this? How would one go about getting these working again?
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    200+/- year old flintlock coach gun (picture heavy)

    This is the flintlock that got me into BP shooting. I picked it up about a year and a half ago, and finally decided to shoot it, after looking it over. It has led a rough life. I've been trying to figure out exactly what it started out as, which is very difficult because it has practically no...
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    Hello from the Capital region of upstate NY, for now. I plan on moving to Fl. next year.

    Just fired my 200+/- year old flintlock coach gun for the first time this year since I bought it in 2017, and now I'm hooked on BP and want to do it some more! I was afraid this would happen. ;-)