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  1. MSmith

    Hugh Glass Rendezvous

    For more information visit "Hugh Glass Rendezvous" on Facebook...
  2. MSmith

    August 2020 Postal Match – V Target

    For the month of August shooters will make their own target. The things you will need to make your target are: • 1 sheet of 8-1/2 x 11” standard white paper • 1 sheet of construction (colored) paper – color is your choice, it’s for contrast • Pencil • Black Sharpie Marker •...
  3. MSmith

    July 2020 Postal Match - Bear Hunt

    This month I would like to have you shoot two targets. One at 25 yards and the second at 20 yards. Grab your targets by clicking the link below and write your forum screen name and distance 20 and 25 yards, on the front of your targets as soon as you print them! July 2020 5 Bear Target Fire 5...
  4. MSmith

    June 2020 Postal Match – 5 Bullseye

    Welcome to our June 2020 postal match ladies & gentleman! I would like to thank Adui (Terry) for spear heading these monthly postal matches. They are a great way to keep the hobby alive through hands on shooting experience with a little competitiveness thrown in. Adui has decided to step down...
  5. MSmith

    WANTED .445 Round ball Mould

    Can you believe that out of all the moulds I have I don't have a .445? Let me know what you have if you're interested in parting with one.
  6. MSmith

    WANTED .485 Round Ball Mould

    In search of .485 round ball moluld - New or Used.
  7. MSmith

    Wyoming State Muzzle Loaders Convention 2020

    Wyoming State Muzzle Loaders convention is January 17th through the 19th at the Ramkota in Casper. Trish Miller is the contact person for reservations and any specific questions her # is (307) 234-6591 I hope to see all of you there this year.