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  1. Tallswife

    Sourdough without yeast

    Havent tried bread on a stick. I dont add any yeast to my sourdough. Been keeping my starter alive for years now.
  2. Tallswife

    Hello from Georgia! (Soon to be Colorado)

    Just outside of Newcastle
  3. Tallswife

    Hello from Georgia! (Soon to be Colorado)

    Howdy, we just moved out of Colorado and into Wyoming. Hope you like it there
  4. Tallswife

    Dye for a frock coat

    I have not heard about not using a mordant. The mordant will help it to absorb into the fabric better and make it more colorfast.
  5. Tallswife

    NO YEAST at the store....

    My recent sourdough bakes. The round is straight sourdough. The loaves are garlic Parmesan. I use the Tartain recipe and method. Tartine Bakery's Country Bread
  6. Tallswife

    Dye for a frock coat

    Tea is a stain, not a dye. It wont be colorfast at all. Black walnut will give you a silvery brown/tan color. Directions are here for that Dying with Black Walnut Hulls You can also use: Oak Bark – bark Walnut – Hulls Dandelion – roots Yellow dock – plant Ivy – woody stems Golden Rod –...
  7. Tallswife

    Wyoming State Muzzle Loaders Convention 2020

    I'll keep my eye out for you. Not sure yet what i'll be wearing. Thanks!
  8. Tallswife

    Wyoming State Muzzle Loaders Convention 2020

    Hubby and i will be there on Saturday. Do we have a secret handshake to recognize each other?
  9. Tallswife

    18th Century Gardening

    I do garden, however we moved late last summer, so I have nothing set up for this coming spring. I'll be looking into your links for ideas for our new garden area. Thank you!
  10. Tallswife

    Wyoming Roll Call

    Another one here, we are over in the Black Hills.
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  12. Tallswife


    I just pour it off as I want some.
  13. Tallswife

    Dyeing osnaburg with coffee?

    If it helps, here's a post I did about dying with walnut hulls.
  14. Tallswife

    Dyeing osnaburg with coffee?

    Coffee is a stain, not a dye. It wont be colorfast, or permanent. It may not stain evenly and you'll end up with splotches or streaks.
  15. Tallswife

    Greetings from Colorado

    Next weekend is the Colonial Encampment at the fort in Ft Lupton..You will find like minded folks down there.
  16. Tallswife

    Looking for a seamstress

    I am not familiar with that particular person, but you might want to try the FB page 18th Century Sewing. They might know of or about her and can let you know.
  17. Tallswife

    Revolutionary period blankets

    I cant answer your question regarding thickness/weight of modern vs originals. The blankets produced would have varied in all forms. Some being the high loft and some being the worsted. It would all depend on who was producing them and what their technique would be. How was the wool...
  18. Tallswife

    Revolutionary period blankets

    Bull Mountain Weaving is run by very good friends of mine. Shes one of the weavers in our local group, except that i'm not local to them anymore LOL!
  19. Tallswife

    SOLD 26' Teepee

    SOLD! It will not let me edit the title to reflect that!
  20. Tallswife

    the black hill of s.dak.

    We hold a play day in the spring for our friends in Colorado (currently living in CO). We plan to hold it at our new place next spring if you are interested in coming, we would be glad to have you.