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  1. Realwarrior

    54 cal Elk Load

    I have a .58 Hawken with a Sharon Barrel that I use 80gr for Deer. When I started developing a load for Idaho Elk, my best load was 120gr. My pattern opened up from 80-110 and closed from 110-120
  2. Realwarrior

    Pennsylvanian Hunters horn.

    Phenomenal work, sir
  3. Realwarrior

    Half stock #2

    Very good work
  4. Realwarrior

    New Kibler/Brooks rifle.

    Stunningly beautiful
  5. Realwarrior

    How common were the "Squirrel Calibers" before the 1800s?

    I will look it up later but my memory tells me that the smaller calibers came with the disappearance of big game in the Appalachian mountain range between 1820 & ACW
  6. Realwarrior

    SOLD Thompson Center Seneca Stock

    Sold pending funds
  7. Realwarrior

    Fowler or Fusil?

    You need to hold both styles and go from there. I don't like the way that the French guns fit me. Because of that, I won't buy or build one. Without touching them and shouldering each of them you cannot make an educated choice that your going to be happy with. Once you know which style you want...
  8. Realwarrior

    WANTED WTB, a belt hook, for a flint lock pistol

    $12.50 Muzzleloader Builders Supply
  9. Realwarrior

    WANTED parts for a fowler.

    I'm looking for parts for a fowler. Specs are .62 smoothbore (42=44) inches, Round face flintlock, Virginia style stock or English Fowler, Penn Fowler, Virginia/Colonial Fowler. A Northwest style stock may work . if it is not inlet and the buttplate isn't cut. Also looking for the small parts...
  10. Realwarrior

    Traditions Kentucky 50cal

    They are solid guns. I've built several for sons and friends and have never gotten one that would not shoot. I have several more expensive smoke poles but when hunting 9 or if 10 times I'm hunting with a traditions I converted to Flint. It just shoots where I aim and hits what I want, It's light...
  11. Realwarrior

    Brant Selb 54 Cal Hawken

    That was 58 caliber.. dang autocorrect
  12. Realwarrior

    Brant Selb 54 Cal Hawken

    I have a 58 Helen with Sharon Barrel. I shoot 85gr 2f with 570 round ball for Deer. I used it for elk with 120gr with no problems.
  13. Realwarrior

    SOLD CVA 12ga. SxS

    The CVA is sold
  14. Realwarrior

    SOLD Thompson Center Seneca Stock

    Here is a nice T/C Seneca Stock. It could use a refinish but is structurally sound with no flaws. The scroll marks are pencil drawings and will wipe off. $150 shipped. If you have any questions feel free to message me. Thank you
  15. Realwarrior

    SOLD CVA 12ga. SxS

    Sent you a message
  16. Realwarrior

    SOLD CVA 12ga. SxS

    I have For Sale a CVA 12-gauge Double Barrel Shotgun in Excellent shape. The only flaw is a scratch on top of the barrel, as seen in the photographs. This is an excellent shooting gun that the Squirrels in this part of the country fear. Because I favor Flintlocks and my eldest son shows no...
  17. Realwarrior

    SOLD Pedersoli/Navy Arms SxS

    Sold. Thanks
  18. Realwarrior

    Do you live near any battlefields?

    I live on the First Frontier of Kentucky. I live within a couple of hours drive of several Frontier Stations and really close to some of the longHunter Station Camps as well as 45 minutes from 4 Civil War sites
  19. Realwarrior

    SOLD Pedersoli/Navy Arms SxS

    I have a Pedersoli /Navy Arms 12-gauge Double Barrel shotgun in Good shape. It is an excellent shooting gun and the cylinders/bore are in great shape.. It has been shot and hunted with, as such, it has some dings and a scratch. These are shown in the photos. I'm asking $650 shipped and the only...