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    Dragoon vs 1860 Army?

    It is said Hickok raised his left arm, bent it so his hand was close to his face, and rested his gun over his extended elbow. Contrary to popular assumptions, this was not a quick-draw situation. Also, Tutt did not go down immediately. He frantically ran back inside a shop or office behind him...
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    In luck! Founds some patches.

    I suspect the Dawn and water mix only works it’s best when the shot is to be fired immediately. For hunting, it may not be long-lasting enough. Am I mistaken?
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    In luck! Founds some patches.

    Cut your own patches and make your own lube. Very easy and cheap to do. Beeswax and about any cooking oil melted together in whatever ratio that works best for you makes very good lubricant for patches, wads, and arbors on percussion revolvers.
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    Molybdenum grease bore lube?

    You can leave it loaded for months and it will still fire just fine without grease. I know this from long personal experience. I use greased felt wads under the balls for lubrication and have never noticed any evidence of grease contamination of the powder over the long term, either. Leaving...
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    Nipple bumpers ?

    Cut a foam ear plug in half. Cock hammer to full-cock. Insert plug half in hammer slot in frame. Aim, pull trigger. Hammer will not contact nipples. Enjoy.
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    the black hill of s.dak.

    I was in Chadron a few years ago and found the surrounding area to be one of the bleakest, most barren places I had seen in many years, and I am a fan of remote places. Virtually no trees or anything to slow down the wind. It was hilly, though. Did not like the lack of trees or mountains.
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    Oklahoma/"New Indian Territory"

    That sounds like a pretty big impact to me . . . . . Cans open, worms everywhere.
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    Dragoon vs 1860 Army?

    Actually , we don’t know for sure what gun Hickok shot Tutt with. I sit typing this about 8 miles from where Tutt was shot and is buried. Years ago I researched this story some, and I do not recall seeing anything in the court testimony or witness accounts that indicated what gun Hickok had...
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    Dragoon vs 1860 Army?

    Get the Army.
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    Smoke at Sunrise (Pietta London Navy Update)

    One explanation as to why the conical loads may have been less effective is that government issued pistol ammo was supplied by civilian contractors in six packs of paper or foil cartridges, and many of these contractors were notorious for shorting the government on the amount of powder In each...
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    Leather strap?

    Don’t know about that, but there are several references of someone being shot when their gun fell out of the holster and landed on the hammer because the hammer loop was not engaged, or never existed at all.
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    Poison Round Balls

    I see you have read Robert Held. I have two copies of his book “ The Age of Firearms “ and it is one of my all-time favorites. I got the first one fifty years ago when I was about 14 after my mom found it at a garage sale, and have been a big fan of his ever since. I always wished I could have...
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    1861 Navy Frame Stretch?

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    Leather strap?

    I used to use one on a revolver of my Dad’s I carried and shot for years when I was a teenager and later. Once you get the hammer loop leather broken in, and adjusted juuuuuust right, it works perfectly. Easy and quick to slip on and off, yet keeps the gun in the holster flawlessly.
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    How common were the "Squirrel Calibers" before the 1800s?

    Replacement ramrods would be easier to make for the larger calibers, and less likely to break in the first place. It would not matter so much in more settled and “safer” areas, but a broken ramrod, and the time required to whittle and shave down a replacement, could be a real problem in remote...
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    Black powder cap and ball pistols

    Buy a punch, get some felt or cardboard, and make and lube your own wads. I refuse to pay the prices suppliers get for them.
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    Black powder cap and ball pistols

    Don’t worry too much about the dreaded CHAIN FIRE. The chain firing balls only have a velocity of 150-175 FPS. While startling, will not damage the gun, or cause impotence. Tight-fitting balls and caps will prevent chain fires. Grease over the chamber mouths may have some utility in softening...
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    .50 cal smooth rifle ball dia?

    So how does it shoot?
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    Calibers during the Revolution?

    Boone would have owned many rifles and smoothbores in various bore sizes over the years. Frontier life was hard on guns due to boating accidents, theft, weather, mishaps with horses, etc. Remember that Boone was captured by Indians more than once, and lost his gun(s) to them least once.
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    Percussion cap shortage

    People are stocking up on any kind of shooting supplies in preparation for the massive civil unrest headed our way over the next year or two. Much worse than we have been seeing over the last few weeks. There may be an extended period of time when purchase of any kind of ammunition will either...