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  1. Juice Jaws

    4F powder

    Got my cigar, got my high ball, ready to enjoy my two friends Britsmoothy and Carbon 6 agree to disagree
  2. Juice Jaws

    Trade guns

    I love mine
  3. Juice Jaws

    Trade guns

    You are 100% spot on. Matt was the best. I have their Officer's Model and broke the lock spring. Call Matt and he said send the lock to him and in less than 8 or 10 days got the lock back not only did he replace the spring but clean and repolish the whole lock at no charge. I just hope he...
  4. Juice Jaws

    Why are others always tweaking with their guns?

    For the most part I think you are right. Have a friend that has to fix what ever he buys. I always tell he has to be the most unlucky guy around. We buy the same things and my always works out of the box. But I think here is the difference, I shoot just for fun and fill the dinner plate...
  5. Juice Jaws

    Failing eyes- loosing the front sight cure

    Buy a shotgun and get close.
  6. Juice Jaws

    Flash melt, wads, and bore butter?

    Like everyone else just another BS story to get you to buy stuff you don't need. I use wads and never have a problem.
  7. Juice Jaws

    Boiling water!

    I am with you on this one. I went from boiling water to warm water, safer and does just as good for MY needs. And now for my smoothbore and cap & balls I just use a mix of ballistol and water. ( 1 to 7 parts) and that does a good job. But I never worry about using water just dry and oil the bore.
  8. Juice Jaws

    Infected, anyone else?

    Brokennock, so far you are the only person I know who has had it. And I am very glad you are well now.
  9. Juice Jaws

    All large vous have been cancelled This summer in the Northeast except for the Ancient Ones!

    Our two main Roovs . where I live have be cancelled.
  10. Juice Jaws

    Walker issues

    All I am saying is you just don't read about cap jams in all the old books. And today unless you work a gun over its a big problem. Now before someone tells me they have never had a cap jam, I am talking about most of the repros now. My first colt cap and ball I got in the early 70's from...
  11. Juice Jaws

    Walker issues

    If your G-G-Grandpa was a ranger that early and rode down into Mexico with Col Hays he was one tough hombre. Read a good book on the early rangers and when they went to fight the Mexico War. You have some real proud history in your family. I think this is the book but not 100% sure. The...
  12. Juice Jaws

    Very stupid, very lucky

    Jackass High School
  13. Juice Jaws

    Infected, anyone else?

    Hope you both stay well.
  14. Juice Jaws

    Traditional Turkey Hunting continuation...

    Just wondering where you are hunting that its 94* in the morning. 36 here near Yosemite.
  15. Juice Jaws

    Infected, anyone else?

    Glad you are feeling better, prays for your Dad, glad to hear Tenngun is up and well.
  16. Juice Jaws

    Infected, anyone else?

    Last report I heard was tigers can get it but not house cats. Go figure, to tell the truth I think there is still a lot to learn from this China Virus.
  17. Juice Jaws

    1770’s Militia Impression

    Looks good but you need to get some dirt , grime, and smoke on that outfit. In the good old days when someone show up in a spanking new buckskins in camp didn't take to long for his so call friends to get the new buck-skins looking right.
  18. Juice Jaws

    The War Between The States Discussions

    The US also had the purple heart, came out in the Rev. General Washington had to made.