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    One Blanket

    Here are some blankets that might interest you. They are hand woven over in the east in the tropics. They are approximately six feet by nine feet and about three sixteenth thick. All wool. A man could survive in one of these under some tough conditions. They cost from about $385 to $500...
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    Do I hafta build more locks?

    What do I hafta do to get something to read on this forum? I know I haven't built any new locks since last year, but someone has something to say. Just to let you know, I am back in the USA for about three weeks. We are in Houston for a couple of days then heading for PA. Then back to Mex...
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    Obeying Claude

    I wanted to show you some pics from ole Mexico. But they really aren't about preflint. And they are not the kind of pics that are to go in the photo forum. So I put them in the non-muzzleloading forum. You might enjoy them if you go there. Unless I am instructed otherwise I will...
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    An amusing happening

    My long lost friend Jeff from Arizona came in for Christmas. We took the 'Lively Bounce' to a public range. I had only a few lead balls which I let him fire. I also had some pewter balls I had cast a few years back. I stopped casting when I realized the bar of 'lead' was pewter. I fired one...
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    When I come back from Mexico

    Do any of you remember the 'reinveted wheellock'? I was packing my goodies from past experiments yesterday to take over to the storage area. I lifted the reinvented Wheellock out of a box and felt desire to wind it up one more time. Some time ago I mentioned that I got it to light its pan by...
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    Flash hole picks

    Made a couple of picks today for a friend. One has curly maple for a handle. The other has cow horn for a handle. The maple one has a 6d finish nail shaped. The horn one has a 3d finish nail. volatpluvia
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    I Got it!

    I took Runnball's advice and put my nitrate into hot water, six tablespoons to a quart of water. This was the mix for Hemp cord that I found on that website. Then, while the water was good and hot I stuffed the hemp cord into it. Then, when I pulled it out after at least six to eight hours, I...
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    For my son

    In 1997 Ms. Audrey and I took our younger daughter to Oklahoma City to college. Our son was along and so we continued on to Colorado Springs to show him where he was born. While there we visited the Mountain Man Shop in Manatoo Springs. He bought a blade. He never made the knife and it has...
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    Building Matchlock smoothbore

    Just thought I would let you know, I am starting to build the gonne for the brass lock I did last year. I was afraid that the maple tree that the men cut down in the front yard of the parsonage was silver maple and wouldn't make a good stock. Well! It is hard! And it has a few curls here and...
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    New 17th century outfit

    My seamstress, brought my new outfit along to the Market Faire at Ft. Frederick, MD over the weekend. It needed modified a few places so she took it along back. But I tried it on and she shot some pics. So here is one of me and one of the plumes I bought to go with the hat that is yet to be...
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    For your double rifle

    Or you swivel rifle. I was at the muzzleloader show at Lewisburg, PA, yesterday. Two gentlemen were sitting there looking at old stuff bought at an estate sale somwhere. They pulled this ofject out of the box and it caught my atention while I was looking at the rifles on the table next to it...
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    Sometimes it does work!

    I took the redhairedgal out to the public range yesterday morning. I wanted to see if she could redeem herself after the non performance at the Rifle Frolic Labor Day weekend. To my astonishment she went eight shots for eight spins of the wheel. 100% ignition. I would have fired more but I...
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    A little report from the Rifle Frolic

    We had a glorious weekend in Union County, Pennswoods. The sun shone all day, stars brilliant at night until the moon came up, then we could have gone back to shooting. The air was dry clear. We had a few unusual gonnes including the one I will show you. It was a British style wall gun, four...
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    another wheellie!

    I have consulted my catalogue from the Royal Armouries of London. I have narrowed the style of pistole down to three. Also taking measuring tape and calculater to determine the scale of the pictures I determined that the locks on pistoles were all between 5 and six inches. So I made the plate...
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    Shooting handgonne with Serpentine

    A friend at church took me out to the range where he is a member this afternoon. I am considering joining this club if I can get the money together. He was interested in shooting the handgonne. I had fired it only a couple of shots with my son at the end of June and really needed to get out...
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    brass matchlock

    I am starting on building my new matchlock. I couldn't find brass plate as thick as I wanted so at Friendship I bought eighth inch thick plate and elected to join two thicknesses. I showed it to Don Getz and he said solder it. I was thinking rivet and since I am lousy at soldering I went with...
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    Wheellock firing

    I have not been able to post a link that will work for showing you the video of my wheellock lighting its pan at 5000 frames per second. So I invite you to go to and login as volatpluvia and type in shooter as my password and click on wheelfiring001. I humbly ask that you...
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    Serpentine on Handgonne

    Would it be appropriate to mount a serpentine for the match on a handgonne. I know I said that I wanted to do this on another thread. I have been hunting for a brass rod but have found only threaded rod. I can file off the threads but am loathe to do this. Steel rod is available at any...
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    Handconnon profile

    Gents, I decided to begin profiling the outside of my brass handgonne today. Here are two pics. The tiller end The muzzle end Stay tuned. There is method to me madness. volatpluvia PS. sorry about the blurr on the second pic. Too much hand shake.
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    I needed the exercise

    This is me cutting some maple for a Muzzleloader stock. I have cut out two of them in the last week just this way. I used both hands so as to exercise both sides. One of the stocks will be for my upcoming matchlock. volatpluvia