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    58 cal Zouave question

    Yup, mine likes both round and minie equally. The minie womps 'em visibly harder though, with less powder.
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    I use an old TC suede lace on for deer dragging. Only takes a couple minutes to put on before gutting and dragging.
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    Barrel length and powder chamber dimensions?

    I copied this chart from a book years ago. I don't remember which but it was 19th century IIRC. My home made cannon has a 2" bore and a 1x3" chamber bored into the 2x6.25" breech plug. It is pressed, pinned and welded. I have fired blanks up to 500 grains, fairly shakes the earth but my guns...
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    TC New Englander

    Mine like .490 + .015. Squirrel head accuracy with 50 grains FFFG. Practical big game accuracy with 80 to 100 grains FFG. YMMV
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    Small Coehorn Mortars?

    Of course they would. It has been expounded upon numerous times on the forum that in antiquity they knew that dimpled balls fly truer that modern round projectiles. It is undoubtedly historically correct and common sense to use golf balls in mortars.
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    cva bobcat

    Shoot it and let us know.
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    Caps available?

    Around here they are almost always available. Academy Sports, Cabela's, a couple of local owned shops; for RWS musket caps, I pick them up at Sportsman's Wharehouse when I'm in Columbia.
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    charcoal thread gone?

    Maybe this:
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    cannon finish question

    That is what I used on mine. It must be PC because it requires repainting after each sustained engagement. Looks good when fresh.
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    Traditions Tennesee Rifle

    Well, I sure can't claim nickel size groups, my .58's make that with one shot, but all holes touching is good enough for me! :hatsoff:
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    Green Mountain barrel question

    The barrels are still available. But, I agree, don't cut, replace. I have GM barrels for ML and suppository rifles and they are very good and accurate.
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    Traditions Tennesee Rifle

    That is my experience. No offense to Dutch, but all my rifles have factory barrels and I just use bore butter or wonder lube. All are tack drivers with the right load and I've found them all with very little experimentation. Rocket science is not required to get accuracy from a rifle. Just...
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    coffee on the trail

    :nono: For shame, sir! Cheap brandy is for the coffee. Cognac should be warmed gently by the fire and enjoyed neat accompanied by a fine cigar. Now we're campin'!
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    Mountain Men and beards?

    :rotf: :bow: Well said!!
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    coffee on the trail

    Went on a hike in the mountains today with a gang of friends. We were all sitting at a waterfall and snacking. I made a small fire and made coffee. Everyone liked it and asked what I had used. I told them that it was made just the same as during the civil war. (had to hide the Tasters...
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    Why we believe..

    Well said, my friend! :rotf: :applause: I could add a couple more but, oh the children! :wink:
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    coffee on the trail

    Not much of a tea connoisseur, but I sure drank a lot of sheen chai with sugar while "trekking" in Tani district, Khowst province, Afghanistan. I strongly do not recommend this destination. :( :nono: :shake: :td:
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    coffee on the trail

    Sounds like what we called a ranger cookie back in the 80's. We didn't know it was HC. :shocked2:
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    gun rack

    Booby traps, called set traps under the law are illegal in any jurisdiction. This is a can of worms we don't want to open here. It will invite all kinds of unwanted scrutiny. :(
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    gun rack

    OH MY! I've got rolling block envy. Very nice! :bow: