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    tc rear sight

    any one use one of these
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    renegade barrel width

    did tc ever make a renegade with a 15/16 in. barrel. on another site a member says he has a 54 with a 15/16 barrel
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    crude bison powderhorn

    looking for a maker who can build a crude bison powder horn. as it was have been made on the frontier. ruff outside unfinished wood base etc.
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    1.72 dollar 1/4-28 musket nipple

    i use them in my renegade. they work
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    used clothing

    re there any sites for used clothing. looking for one outfit for limited use. 1820 to 1840 era. no leather just cloth and wool.
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    decoding cast iron cookware

    decoding cast iron cookware
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    hogs in north ga.

    an anyone give me info on the most likely location to find them in north ga.
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    posting pictures

    I use drop box. no fees as of yet.
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    t/c 15/16 barrel in 1 inch stock

    anyone use a t/c 15/16 barrel in 1 inch stock. if so results
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    mimie balls in smoothbore

    anyone shot 58 minie balls in smoothbore, if so results
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    58 smoothbore loads

    need some load data for a 58 smoothbore. this is for round ball hunting loads
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    t/c 56 cal rebore

    bobby hoyt has done his magic again. sent him a pitted 56 barrel, sent back a xcllnt 58 cal smoothbore rebore. do to heart trying to go on strike wont be able to go to range for 2- 3 moths. will post results then.
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    Info on Eddy May round balls

    looking for contact info on Eddy May who used to sell round balls he was last listed in Chatsworth, Ga. dead end as has other info.
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    58 cal. slow twist barrel

    looking for info of anyone who has used one slower than 1 in 60.
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    flint to percussion convertion

    if you wish to know how it was done on the 1820s frontier. send me a pm or your email address. it involves using your current flintlock.
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    t/c hawken barrel

    need info. is a hawken 54 cal. barrel the same as a renegade. I have a chance to get one. it is however a long distance from home.. unless I know it will fit no reason to go.
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    t/c 56 cal smooth bore and minie balls.

    Has anyone tried them? I have a source for a box . would like info first. thank you
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    I am now headed to the range to pattern and site in my t/c 56 cal renegade.
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    58 cal. slow twist barrel

    if you shoot a 58 cal. what is your slow twist for round ball. :confused: looking for info on the slowest twist barrel and load data.
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    info on tc 56 renegade

    I need input on ball and patch combos for it. cant see buying 50 of 550 if you cant load them. I am a hunter not a paper puncher.