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    I'm back

    Since things have changed here it looked like the best place to post. I'll have to do the premium thing when I can.
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    First it was my guns accuracy and now it won't even fire. Doesn't make sense. Worked fine 2 weeks ago. I had the nipple off when I cleaned it so i know I didn't get oil in it. Several caps and nothing. Added a few grains under the nipple and a new cap and nothing. Think I'm done for now and will...
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    Slowly but Surely

    Taking all the excellent advice I have been given here I am slowly but surely working on it to see if the accuracy on that rifle can be improved. Next up will be the larger ball size but I don't see me getting it done in time to hunt this year. Really hate pushing myself with certain things then...
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    Shots going way off point of aim

    Something is seriously wrong with my gun. Apparently it had more issues than I realized. Might be why I got it so cheap. Went to site it in and we used a rest as well. It was solidly planted. The shots were flying all over the target from the point of aim. As in 8-10 inches off. Varied the...
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    Making your own sites for your muzzle loader

    Just thought I would throw this out there for something to do. Has anyone made their own rear sight for their muzzle loader? I have a T/C Renegade and was thinking it would be possible to make a new one that screwed on. Any ideas?
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    Are the hunter safety classes the same all over?

    Do all states have the massively annoying saftey tests and field class before you can even get a hunting license? Just did the class on line last night and was just wow. They went over how to actually use a firearm. I mean if you don't know that already. Now I have to do a field test which the...
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    Possible rust in the bore

    I saw the old thread on here about cleaning rust from the barrel. Just went in and ran a patch in my rifle and it came out really brown. Ran several more and it's still doing it. Never had issues like that when I used to shoot and cleaned it the same way with hot soapy water,rinsed in hot water...
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    Question about first deer hunt

    The info I got here for ball size and patch thickness was right on for my .54 T/C. My father in law called me last night and aske dif I wanted to take a deer on his land this year (Be a first for me). I tend to only shoot at anything I can see clea enough to get a good shot. Right now I'm using...
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    Renegade Range Report

    Finally got to shoot the .54 Reneagde I bought on the classifieds here. All I could find for the time being was pyrodex but it worked just fine. I really didn't see a lot of differance other than a little less smoke in my opinion. Anyways with the ball and patch combo I was given here some time...
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    Can't find black powder

    Still searching unsucessfully for black powder around the Roxboro,NC area. Anyone have any ideas? Hope I posted this in the right place.
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    T/C Renegade Trigger Pull

    Is there a way to adjust the fron trigger? I don't mind using the set trigger but if I don't the pull on the front one is extremely hard.
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    Loading Block Question

    After seeing and reading about them I decided to give it a try. Should the holes be the same diameter as the bore? Just thought I would ask before I build something and not have it work.
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    Gun Rack

    Figured made from branches and jute and done entirely with hand tools counted as traditional. All of it it mortise and tenon or pinned with small wooden pegs and glued.
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    T/C Renegade barrels

    Just getting a chance to shoot the T/C Renegade I bought off the forums some time ago and love it.I have no interest in deer hunting but the wife is seriously trying to talk me into hunting turkey on her parents farm. Do they make a smooth bore barrel for that rifle? I didnt think you could...
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    Rifle slings

    Has anyone made their own sling for a muzzle loader? Thinking about it for my T/C Renagade. Looking for something that isn't modern looking such as swivels.
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    Couple of knives

    Antler handle knife and rawhide sheath for the wife and a ne handle on an old knife that I'ved used for pretty much everything for years.
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    Rifle all ready

    Heres a couple pictures of my rifle all cleaned up and with some re-finishing and decorative work along with the ramrod I made for it.
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    Nipple Removal Question

    Just got the bronze nipple for my T/C Renegade today and a nipple wrench. Are they supposed to fit the nipple so tightly? Had to lightly tap it over the nipple to get the wrench on it.
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    Same post showing in more than one forum.

    This is the second time I posted in one place and it showed up in another area as well. Am I doing something?
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    T/C Renegade Under Barrel Rib Removal

    I removed both screws and the rib won't come off. Is there something I'm missing?