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    .69 Musket Balls

    I will soon finally have a .69 Miroku French flint musket. What size ball mold(s) should I be ordering? Inassume I will actually need to get two, one for patched ball, and paper cartridge loads, and another for shooting bare balls with wads.
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    .40 Caliber

    Have never had a .40, and am fighting the urge go get one again. I have read many accounts about how accurate and useful they can be, but are they really any better than a .45? I have had 2 .45's, and have one now. Pretty happy with it. Shoots well with loads from 25 grains of FFFg to 75 grains...
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    How do I get rid of the annoying Infolinks tab and pop-up that takes up the bottom 2/3 of the screen on my i-phone?
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    Replacement parts for Uberti Percussion Revolvers?

    Which suppliers have the best prices for replacement parts for a Uberti percussion revolver. I want a Navy grip frame assembly ( frame parts and wood grips ), and a spare cylinder. Have already checked VTI. Had steel grip frame only. No brass. Any other suggestions?
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    Switching Grip Frames

    I have an excellent Uberti 1860 Army revolver, and would like to put an 1851 Navy grip frame and grips on it. If I order a Navy grip frame for it, what are the chances the replacement will match up with the Army screw holes, etc. with minimal fitting and alteration?
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    Mortimer lock

    Does anyone make a replacement lock for the Pedersoli Mortimer half-stock rifle/shotgun?
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    Chromed Bores

    What's the big deal with the few people who do jug choking not wanting anything to do with working on barrels with chromed bores? Why can't they use an abrasive cylinder hone on the part of the barrel that will be enlarged as prep work, and then get on with the business of doing the jugging? I...
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    1860 Army Spare Parts

    A friend has an older Armi-San Marco 1860 Army replica that needs a replacement fromt sight and barrel wedge and wedge screw. Possibly a set of nipples too. Do I need to order Armi-San Marco parts specifically, or are they the same as Pietta? I was concerned about small dimensional variations...
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    Rifled Musket Patent Breeches.

    Can anyone out there tell me what the inside/bore diameter of the historically incorrect antechamber is that the Italians insist on using in their percussion rifled muskets? I don't like them at all, but was considering ordering a Lorenz .54 Rifled Musket from Pedersoli, and have been watching...
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    2nd Generation Colt Percussion

    About two hours ago, I was going through some old papers and cardboard boxes at my Mother's and Stepfather's old farmhouse they moved out of a year ago. It still has a lot of old furniture, and many old cardboard boxes with books and papers that have not seen the light of day for at least 20...
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    1777 Charleville

    Saw a reference to a repro of a 1777 Charleville musket made in the 1960's, possibly imported by Centennial Arms. Would this be one of those early, elusive, high-quality Miroku's?
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    Short Barrelled Revolvers

    For those of you that have some of the shorter versions of the Colt Navy and Colt Army revolvers, and Remingtons, is it practical to use the rammer on the gun to seat the balls without using some kind of rigid tubing for a cheater bar? I'm talking about guns with barrel lengths in the range of...
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    Tip Curtis

    Anybody know if everything is okay with Tip? I have been trying to contact him by e-mail and phone off and on for a couple of months with no response to check on a .40 caliber rifle that should be done by now.
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    Price of Lead Shot

    Why has lead shot been so high priced the last few years?
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    "Round Ball"

    I have wondered for some time why most people refer to the small lead spheres so many of us launch with glee and enthusiasm refer to it as a "round ball". Isn't that somewhat redundant? Are there square balls; or perhaps octagon balls?
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    .32 Caliber Rifle

    Would like to hear from anyone with experience with the Percussion CVA Crockett half stocked rifle in .32 caliber. Did you like the gun? I have been looking at pictures of one and am a little intrigued with what I see. However, the buttstock looks pretty bad to me regarding architecture and...
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    Non - Tapered Barrels

    Some posters on this forum really dislike octagon- to - round barrels on smoothbores that are not tapered. I think I get the aesthetic appeal of tapering lines on a long plane, and I am True Believer in my preference for swamped barrels on rifles and smooth rifles. ( I have three of them ) I...
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    TVM Bore diameter

    Does anyone know why TVM has their barrels made with a bore diameter of .608" instead of the more or less standardized .620"? If the owner wants to shoot patched balls, as many do, this sure complicates finding a mold of a suitable diameter unless a very thin patch is used.
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    New pistol?

    The word from Rumor Control is that either Pedersoli or Uberti is coming out with a new replica of a military - type single shot pistol. Supposedly Dixie Gun Works had one on display recently. I'm thinking it was percussion, but not sure. Anybody able to give an info - dump on this?
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    Jug Choking

    Can anyone tell me anything about the tooling required to do jug choking, such as: Where to buy it or them? Is there a specialized single tool for each gauge, or does one use a series of progressively sized standard - type back boring tools? Are directions available? How long is the choked...