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    TRADE CVA .45 Kentucky rifle barrel, new for .32 cal barrel

    I have an unbuilt CVA kit from the mid 70s that is .45 caliber. However, I have several .45 cal rifles and would like to have a small (.32) caliber rifle. I would like to trade the .45 BARREL for a .32 that will work in my CVA stock. The .45 barrel is still "in the white" though it appears dark...
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    bore lights

    What are the lights that can be dropped down the bore of a barrel, and who sells them? Thanks.
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    vintage? T/C powder measure

    I bought this powder measure today at my favorite gun shop. I believe it is an early model of the current T/C available later, maybe not currently. I don't know the good, bad, and the ugly of it. Anybody else use one? Do you like it or not? School me about it please. Thanks.
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    coning barrels the traditional way

    I know how barrels are coned now and am aware of the tools offered for the purpose, but I wonder how it was done back in the early days? What did the tools look like then you reckon?
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    loading block hole sizes for a coned barrel

    This chart was listed previously on here as a guide to make your own loading blocks. I'm wondering if when using the ball and patch one normally shoots, do they fit so tightly in the block that it takes the ramrod to "drive" them out and into the barrel? I plan to cone the barrels on all my...
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    change to double set triggers

    I mentioned in another thread that I like my Dart brand full stock .45 cal rifle but would swap out the single trigger for double set triggers. I have never removed the trigger from the rifle for a look but I wonder, is it usually a simple conversion/swap.
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    peep site on a T/C Hawken or Renegade

    I saw a video on Youtube that showed someone shooting a T/C Hawken that had a rear peep site. He mentioned it but did not elaborate on it. It appeared to mount under the existing two tang screws on the gun. I cannot find one listed. Anybody installed one and know? I don't want to drill holes...
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    relic caps

    I wonder if it has been recorded that anyone has found a spent, dropped, or discarded percussion cap from the "old" days. I'm sure one cap would give a weak signal on a metal detector, but who knows? Just wondering.
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    A Thompson Center Hawken in .45 caliber

    I have a percussion and a flintlock T/C Hawken, both in .50 caliber. Today I found a T/C Hawken percussion in .45 caliber. I've seen very few of them in this area in .45. I can buy it for $100 and the store/pawn shop owes me a $30 store credit so I will go back and get it tomorrow. It is in...
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    derringer butt cap

    Booth's pistol had a butt cap and back strap. I want to put one on my Philadelphia derringer. I'm trying to figure out how to do it and what to make it out of. Any suggestions? I found a couple of good pics of the actual gun. This is what I want on my pistol. I'm thinking maybe I can use a...
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    I'm hooked, again

    I thought that the only black powder handgun that I wanted, other than revolvers, which I have a couple, was a Philadelphia Derringer. I've got the derringer now. However, I now want a flintlock pistol. Again, I will build or buy one, whatever works out. One thing leads to another. Something...
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    Introducing family members to black powder

    I shot my "new" Philadelphia Derringer several times today. Then, later this afternoon I took it to a family get-together. A couple of my brother-in-laws and a nephew that had never fired a muzzle loader were there. I loaded and shot the pistol, showing them what to expect. After reloading it...
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    Something very interesting I found This is great and well worth a look-see. I especially like it 'cause I live there.
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    authentic caps???

    For display, are there caps (#11) available that are more "authentic" than others? What were original c1860s like? Color? Material? Lacking originals, what would museums prefer? Then again who would know the difference, I suppose?
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    usps shipping blackpowder handguns

    Will the USPS (United States Postal Service) handle black powder guns? Is there a better way? Thanks.
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    Philadelphia derringer

    I have never had much interest in BP handguns, besides revolvers. However, I would like to own a Philadelphia derringer (like the one Booth used to kill Lincoln). I would buy a nice used one or build one, either from a kit of from pieces. Any comments and/or advice will be appreciated. Thanks.
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    coffee grinder in stock

    Which rifles during the Civil War had coffee grinders in the stock? Did they use coffee grinders instead of patch boxes? Anybody ever find or make a coffee grinder that could be inlet into the stock of a rifle stock?
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    snake load for my Remington

    We live in a wooded area, and I love it, however that means we are apt to see snakes, including copperheads in the yard occasionally. I would like to load my 1858 Remington with a good snake load to carry this summer. I don't want to use anything that will damage the gun. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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    what's acceptable space over ball in revolver

    When I load my Remington with 25g of FFF powder, a felt wad and a ball, I have about 1/4" space left. I've shot it that way and it seems fine but it makes we wonder... what would be the maximum space before one should use some filler, or a second wad?
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    WANTED Muzzleloader magazine back issues

    I want any back issues of Muzzleloader magazine.