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    PT Notice of Subscription to Expire

    Dear Sir, Received a PT today (07/25/13) notifying me my subscription is about to expire. Received a PT yesterday (07/24/13), PayPal Response notifying me: "Your Subscription payment has been received." Should I be concerned? Best Wishes
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    Renew Subscription?

    Dear Sir, Once again I seem to be up the proverbial creek. Last Monday I tried to renew my forum subscription. When I clicked on the Subscribe button it took me to the purchase page. I clicked on Purchase and nothing would happen. Today (anniversary of membership) I received an email stating...
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    Change Email Address?

    Dear Sir, Am trying to update my email address. I tried doing a Forum Search but could not find anything related. I selected "Email Options" and typed in my new address. (This is the only place I found that seemed to offer what I need to do.) Then clicked on "Proceed". Up came a response...
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    Kodiak Barrel Regulation

    Filing the muzzle to move point of impact: IT DIDN'T WORK FOR US. Kodiak .72cal Used two different PRB sizes. Used different patch thickness. Tried Goex 2F, 3F and Pyrodex Select. Tried powder charges in increasing increments of 5 grains, from 90gr to 125gr; 5 shot groups. Burned over 1 1/2...
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    Posting Photos fm Photobucket

    Dear Sir, I am doing something wrong. When I click on the preview button (new post) the photo does not become visible. The above address is what I am using but the photo does not appear when I click on "preview". If I enter that address (less the "[img]" stuff) in the address line at the top...
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    Premium Membership

    Dear Sir, Have been trying to upgrade membership. When I click on Subscribe it opens to Purchase. Clicking on Purchase takes me to Private Info Password. When I log in it takes me to Update Info. Takes me to Private Information. Takes me to Control Panel. Clicking on Subscription Groups...
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    Fast Twist and PRBs - Accuracy

    We recently inherited A Lyman .54cal Great Plains Rifle with an additional Great Plains Hunter Barrel. I have witnessed the RB barrel shoot into 1" at 100yds using a max charge of GOEX 3F, from a bench rest. Ol' Wes sure could make that gun walk and talk! Not having seen the Hunter barrel...
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    PRB Loading Blocks - Dirt/Grit?

    Howdy Folks, We have several of the loading blocks for PRB but have never used them for hunting. Have always been concerned about the way they seem to collect dirt, grit, lint and etc around the loading bench and in the possibles bag. Of course one could place the loaded board inside its own...
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    Pedersoli Frontier rifle .36/.32cal

    Anyone care to comment on their experience with the Pedersoli (flintlock) Frontier rifle in .32 or .36 caliber? (Tried doing an advanced search and came up with 500 hits the first time and 212 the second.) They are a little on the heavy side for a small game rifle (for my taste) but not...
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    "Ignore" Function

    Dear Sir, Is this function no longer available? Best Wishes
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    Howdah Pistol - More Powder/Velocity

    Howdy Folks, Finally got to burn some more Pyrodex P in our Pedersoli .62cal with PRB. The following loads have proved safe in our weapon but can not recommend their use in any other. As you may remember we achieved 660fps with 40gr (by volume) of powder. Today we registered 910fps with 70gr...
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    Commercial Sausage

    Ladies & Gents, Would appreciate some recommendations for a commercially available "summer" type sausage that is not loaded with fat and salt. About the only thing available to us locally are the Hickory Farms and Hormel brands which are way too greasy for our tastes, these days. Also have...
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    Waterproof Hunting Frock

    Ladies & Gentlemen, I have misplaced the website address of the company that makes/sells a hunting frock (overcoat?) that is fairly waterproof. It is made from some sort of "oil cloth" type material. It seems ideal for our style of trekking. Appreciate it if someone will provide the address or...
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    Howdah Pistol (20ga) - Velocity & Penetration

    Hi Guys, Finished up the velocity testing: (Patched RB & Pyrodex P) 55gr - 826fps 60gr - 843fps Our informal penetration test: 60gr Pyrodex PRB shot completely through 3" diameter (green wood) Spruce tree from 2' distance. Next shot did not completely penetrate a (green wood) Spruce tree of 5"...
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    Howdah Pistol (20ga) - Velocity Review

    Howdy Folks, Ran a few rounds across the screens this morning, looking for a load to fulfill our requirements. We do not recommend said powder charges for use in any weapon other than our own. The following is respectfully submitted: The wheel weight RBs were cast from a Lee mold three or four...
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    Mink Oil at -45 Degrees Below Zero

    Howdy Folks, The Mink Oil (from TOW) seen in the photo has been cold soaked to -45 degrees below zero F. By the time we got around to taking the photo, the sun was shining and warmed the thermometer up considerably. Ambient temperature was still fairly brisk. As you can see, the Mink Oil has...
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    Where Are the Hare??

    Hi Folks, BrownBear has been kind enough to provide a new recipe but we need another Hare to fill the pot. Yesterday loaded up and headed out on our Alaskan Mule-et. The temperature was a very pleasant +11 degrees. Unfortunately the wind kicked up (30-35mph) which raised the wind chill factor...
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    Lifetime Subscription - Premium Membership

    Mr. Mathis, I have carefully reviewed Premium Membership benefits and other than the possible exception of the Personal Photo Gallery, there is nothing there I would use. That is to say, the open forum offered to all registered members is simply FANTASTIC! I thank you for it. :hatsoff: By the...
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    Muzzleloader - Warrenty Work

    Ladies & Gentlemen, Just wanted to let you folks know of our recent experience regarding a split stock on our Pedersoli Cape Gun. The new firearm (purchased on sale) had set for several months before being used due to health problems and recovering from surgery. The 5 inch crack in the forearm...
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    Yak Horn

    Wife picked up the mail today. It has been awhile since the temperatures have been holding at -42 degrees below 0, in the morning. This is one of three horns Brasilikilt has made for us. We have been very pleased with every one of them. What makes this one extra special (for us) is that it is...