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    Has anyone shot patched round balls with their inline rifles.
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    T/C Flintlock

    Shot my T/C Renegade Flintlock this morning for the first time in over a year. The first shot was a FTF ( no sparks at all ), but everyone after that she went bang. She doesn't throw a pan full of sparks, but she shoots with no delays or hang fires. It was a new flint which I installed bevel...
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    My New Old Rifle

    Shot my New Old Rifle today for the first time after she'd been worked on by a friend. He went thru the lock, almost completely rebuilding it and enlarged the touch hole to 1/16th. The rifle was originally built by Jackie Brown. The difference is night and day. Instead of measuring the lock...
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    TC Frizzen

    Will the Lyman frizzen work as a drop-in replacement for the TC frizzen Gene
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    American made flints?

    A while back, someone advertised American made flints. I'd like to try some??? Thanks, Gene
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    Pecatonica River Underhammer

    Does the Pecatonica River underhammer lock have a safety notch? Thanks Gene
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    Percussion Cap Substitute

    A few years back I saw an ad for a substitute for a #11 nipple. The nipple replacement allowed the use of a centerfire primer. Are these devices still available. Thanks, Gene
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    Wheel Weight RB's

    Has anyone used WW's to make RB's for use in say a around here there are NO lead RB's to be found !!! Gene Perryman
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    Flints wrapped in Lead

    I was reading Flintlock How To and my question is who sells sheet lead that you can use to wrap your flint ? Gene Perryman
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    1858 Remington New Model Army

    Who makes the best one and who is best to buy it from? Gene Perryman
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    Hammer Screw

    What size threads are on the Thompson Center hammer screw??????
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    Priming powder

    Today was the second time that I used 2F in my pan. Ignition seemed to be instanteous and just as fast and more reliable than :) 4F. Now what to do with this almost full can of 4F powder. Gene Perryman
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    Pinnacle Powder

    Has anyone used Pinnacle Powder in their flintlock? Gene
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    I want to rebarrel my flintlock. I'm looking at Rice and Green Mountain. Any suggestions? Gene
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    What size patches and balls

    Roundball, What size patches and balls are you shooting in your TC flintlocks with the RB barrels? I've tried shooting .495 balls and .015 patches in my 50 cal and I'm getting blown patches. I switched to .020 patches and no blow-thru, but my accuracy doesn't appear to be any better. I didn't...
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    Green Mtn barrel

    I want to get a Green Mtn IBS 45 cal for my TC Renegade. Anyone done this. Gene Perryman
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    TC Flintlock

    I have converted my TC Renegade to a flintlock with a TC RB barrel and lock. I lapped the barrel and have yet to shoot a good group. I have moved the rear sight almost as far as it will go to the left and I'm still hitting several inches from the black at 25 yards. I had to shoot .50...
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    They're here

    All: My new TC flintlock and RB barrel are here. The lock fits, but it is very tight in the mortise. The barrel fits, sorta. It's about 1/8 in. high at the forend. TC sent a new tang with the barrel, so I'll probably have to install it. Can't hardly wait to see how it shoots. Gene
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    All: Never never ever use a wooden ramrod (except for decoration) on your muzzleloading rifle. Even if it looks like it would never break, take my word for it, it will....... Gene
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    GPR Flintlock

    All: Is the Lyman GPR flintlock very reliable? Target wise , is it accurate and competitive? Kit, does the barrel come with the ventliner installed? Frizzens, are the new frizzens from Lyman already hardened and ready to install? Thanks for any info. Gene Perryman