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    Sorting birdshot?

    Got a quart jar of birdshot at a auction.Looks like it is mostly one size,but i have no idea what size. I would like to use this for turkey hunting if right size.Any ideas on sizing this? Also where is a good place to get smaller bags of birdshot for my muzzleloader.Best shot size for turkeys...
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    Stand up brass tube flask,safe on shooting bench?

    This may sound like a stupid question,but I want to make sure.I just got a brass tube stand up powder flask.It has a spout and a cutoff valve.Is it safe from errant sparks while shooting with it on the bench,being it has the cutoff valve? I always load from a measure,and know it is not a good...
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    QLA in TC Seneca or Cherokee?

    There is a .32 TC barrel on the Bay now that says it has QLA.It shows the smooth bore section on the end of the barrel.Been looking for Seneca and Cherokee barrels 6-7 years and have never seen one in QLA.Have you guys ever seen one? Just curious,and it is always good to learn.Thanks.
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    Jonathan Browning Mountain Rifle single set trigger question?

    Just bought a Browning muzzle loader a while ago.Got it cleaned up and ready to shoot.Will this rifle shoot without setting the trigger?Did a ton of research and read that some said they could.Having this rifle apart,and working the trigger I, don't see how this rifle can fire without setting...
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    Navy Arms Co.Black Powder Shotgun

    Attending a farm auction that has a Navy Arms BP shotgun.From a little research,I know these shotguns are made by pedersoli or pietta SP? Were these shotguns made by any other gun maker?Have not seen pictures of it,but auctioneer says it it is in good shape.Will not know condition till I handle...
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    Breech Plug for Green Mountain .54 percussion barrel

    I picked up a drop in barrel for my TC Renegade[Green mountain].Inside the barrel is pretty good shape.But for some reason they neglected the nipple channel.Nipple threads in tight but,there are only enough threads to engage about half the nipple threads.The rest below the halfway mark are about...
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    Holster Ideas For Lyman Great Plains Pistol

    Looking for a holster for my GP Lyman Pistol.Have not seen many for this gun.Leatherman makes one but leaves the pistol very exposed.Anybody know of any Flap Holsters that would fit this gun?Any other ideas appreciated.Thanks!
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    Scored another .58

    Went to a gun auction in a neighboring town this morning.On the sale bill they a Interarms looking Hawken but it did not list the caliber.When I got there I found the gun a sure enough it was a Arms Sport .58.Oh crap, I gotta stay and see what this goes for.Lucky for me it was the 5th gun sold...
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    Green Mountain breech plug

    I have a .54 Green Mountain barrel that I want to send to Bobby Hoyt for a .58 rebore.The threads for the nipple are almost shot so I want Bobby to install a new breechplug.Where do I get a breechplug for this barrel? Thanks.
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    12 Ga.New Englander choke tube for turkeys?

    I am going to hunt turkeys with my New Englander this spring.I want to buy a Winchoke type tube so I can screw it in and out without a tool.You can get them in constrictions from .640-680.I don't have a clue on what size to get.I usually shoot a .665 in my regular turkey gun.I have alot of #4...
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    Sheep Shear Knives

    A couple of simple knives made from forged sheep shears.Background knife is a Hudson Bay knife I just purchased.
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    Another axe

    This is another axe I made out of an old re-purposed steel head. After I cut the head down to the size I wanted, I polished the rust off of the head, cold-blued, and mustard-treated it. Handle is made out of a piece of Birdseye Maple from an old school gym. Overall length of the axe is 16 in. If...
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    Homemade bag axe

    I made this bag axe out of a old shingle axe or some might call a shingle hammer.Cut the head down and hafted it with Osage Orange.In the picture is the type of head I used.Wood and steel free.All it cost was a couple of hours of sweat equity.Hope some you can use this idea.Thanks
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    .54 Green Mountain barrel breech plug?

    I have a Green Mountain .54 percussion 1"barrel that is a drop in for a Renegade.It is missing the breech plug,anyone know what size breech plug thread size I need?The breech is threaded from the GM factory.Thanks.
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    Lyman Great Plains Hunter Rifle

    Are the Great Plains "Hunter" guns marked with that logo on the side barrel flat?The Great Plains Rifle is stamped that on the barrel flat of the GPR gun. Want to be able to tell difference between the 2 when shopping for used.Thanks.
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    Did Tru-oil change their recipe?

    Did Birchwood Caseys change something in the way they make Tru-Oil?Opened up a new bottle today and it smells like turpentine big time.Seems a lot runnier too.I have used a lot of this stuff and none has smelled like this.Probably something to pass EPA or to manufacture it more cheaply!
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    Loose nipple on Green Mountain Barrel

    Bought a Green Mountain barrel for my Renegade.Any way the previous owner wasn't real picky about cleaning around the nipple area.Nipple was free,but when I screwed in a new one it was pretty loose going in.Tightens up fine but very loose going in.Threads in bolster are ok not buggered,but are...
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    Screw Hole Size For Renegade Rear Sight?

    Any one know the size of the 2 screws that hold on the rear Renegade sight?Shooting a peep and need to buy plugs to fill in screw holes in barrelafter taking rear sight off.Thanks.
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    New Englander Ramrod-Shotgun

    Can someone help me with a question about a TC New Englander shotgun.Is your tulip end threaded for 10/32 accessories? I just got one and the small end is threaded 5/16"-27.The tulip end has a hole but it looks like it is filled up with epoxy,just want to know if it is threaded before I start...
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    TC .54 White Mountain Carbine owners

    What is the barrel channel on a .54 TC White Mountain Carbine?I know the .50 is 15/16".I also heard the early .50 were 1 in 20 barrel twist,then they went to 1 in 38 twist.But according to TC's chart all White Mountain .54's are 1 in 48 barrel twist.I spent 2 hours searching the web and still...