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    Smart Balls

    I have shot quit a few smart arse balls. Will be shooting a good group and , of course. that is when the smart arse ball will show it `s face and be 6 or so inches away !!
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    SOLD Pair of Lyman Plains Pistols .54

    Would you consider selling just one ?? take care..
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    Lyman Trade Rifle / GPR

    In my opinion, the Trade Rifle, which I have in a Flintlock, is more suited for Hunting. The single Trigger and longer trigger guard, which makes it easier for a gloved shooting finger to fit in without tripping the trigger.. and adding the shorter barrel length adds up to a darn nice carrying...
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    Washing Pillow ticking

    Believe me, the sizing used in Pillow Ticking, does not taste good when one is using spit as a patch lube !!
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    Musket nipple for Lyman Great Plains

    Changed both my GPR and Plains Pistol to them. Really helps putting them on with these old arthritic fingers, especially in the cold !! About the only benefit of using them. Wal-Mart had them on sale for $2.00 a hundred, should have enough for what`s left of my Lifetime !!
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    set triggers on a lyman great plains

    Take the Lock out and see if it hangs up then. Might be the Lock screw is too tight, it just has to be snug.
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    Yes, go with the RMC Liner, they work !!
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    Looking for Unique Target Ideas

    Wood Shims , with a hole drilled in the middle of the thin end, and hang them from a piece of string. On a windy day, they will twist and spin and drive the shooters nuts...He He...
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    SOLD .45 TC Hawken flintlock

    Is the Lock a good sparker ??
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    Hmmm. what to do.

    Whack it off, is my vote. had one just like that Years ago and that is what I did. No one noticed and no one cared.....
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    Lyman deer stalker

    Check to see if the Screw, that holds the Lock in, isn`t too tight and drawing the Frizzen to close to the Barrel.
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    Best group you ever shot (ML only)

    A 46 out of a possible 50 at 100 yds. offhand. This was using an old CVA single trigger Kentucky That Gun would shoot !! Won a bunch of stuff with that Gun, along with my younger Eyes !!
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    Trouble in paradise with the pedersoli

    The Wifey has double loaded when shooting Her CVA Hawken and guess who had the privilege to shoot it off !!! This was Woodswalk and they made me go off alone in the brush to set it off !!! Nothing happened just a little more recoil and a bunch of guffaw`s that followed !!! My loading procedure...
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    Traditions Customer Service....

    I lost the screw that holds the Frizzen Spring in my Deer hunter. I called Traditions up and they sent me one that arrived in three Days. First time dealing with them and am impressed....
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    Musket Cap question....

    The local Wal-Mart has the CCI four wing musket caps on clearance for $2.00 for a hundred. I have a GPR that I can send to TOW for a proper Nipple to use. Would using these be safe and not hurt the accuracy of the Lyman ??
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    Bobby Hoyt

    What is involved in just sending Him a Barrel without talking to Him? Is there a certain cost and how do you pay ?? Is the sights to be removed before sending?? Sorry for all the questions !!!!
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    What do you use on shooting bench?

    I made an adjustable gun rest from an old scissor type Car Jack. Simple to make and simple to use. Made a small forend bag out of an empty shotgun pellet Bag , filled with dried Beans, also easy to make and easy to use.....
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    Finding Good Flints? All have flat tops and spark good...