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    American Military Shoulder Arms

    I was looking at the series of books, American Military Shoulder Arms Volumes I-III. Any one have any of these? Are they worth the $95 each price. I'm sure that I would learn much and enjoy the reading but I could by another used musket for the price of all three. :shocked2: :idunno:
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    Zouave roundball accuracy

    I have an old Adler Rem 63 with fast twist rifling. It shoots good with minies and standard 60 grains FFG. I wanted to shoot prb as precast minies are $$$ and I have yet to learn to cast them well. So I packed up a box of powders, wads, patches and Hornady .570 and .575 home cast balls...
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    Confederate Outlaw

    I enjoyed this read. Confederate Outlaw Champ Ferguson and The Civil War in Appalachia Brian D. McKnight Louisiana State University Press Seems that the author did thorough research and attempts to separate fact from legend. Of course history is written by the winner, even 150 years later.
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    Loyalist Arms

    Are these guns shooters or strictly for reenacters? I like percussion muskets and they have a selection of good looking guns. I see on the website that they are proofed. I am looking for actual experience with these guns, not opinions on Indian made guns. All my guns are used hard, will...
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    stock refinishing question

    I have refinished several stocks in beech and black walnut. I did a walnut with tru oil and it came out great. I've had such good results on beech using BLO and paste wax that I refinished a walnut stock the same way. It seems to be very prone to nicks and dings. Question is : does walnut...
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    Wesson Style Boxlock

    I have not had much luck finding information on boxlocks by contemporary builders. I am interested in getting one built. Any info and pics would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Duplex loads

    OK, I tried the search engine and came up empty. Has anyone tried duplex loads? Is there any advantage or trouble with them? I have about 9 pounds of 1FG. I would like to use it in my .58's. Relatively short barrels, 32 and 33. I know that lower pressures and more fouling will result but...
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    TC Renegade custom barrel

    I picked up a Renegade for cheap several years ago. Barrel turned out to be bad, lock has some issues, stock is a beautiful piece of walnut that I cannot stop thinking needs to be brought back to life. Has any one had experience with having a barrel made for Renegade and by whom. I would love...
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    Stupid Stock Question

    I have seen stocks of beech, birch, cherry, maple and walnut. Are they ever made of oak or hickory? If not, why? I know that one of you knowledgable stock makers can enlighten me. Thanks
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    Fg in Zouave?

    Anyone ever tried Fg in a Zouave? Is the barrel long enough to burn a stout load? :stir:
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    First buck of the season

    Sept 30 NC mountains
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    Zouave replica help identify mfg

    I purchased a Zouave replica at a pawn shop. It appears unfired. The only markings on barrel are "ALDER ITALY". Lock is not case hardened, finished black with eagle stamp,possibly defarbed. Any one seen one like this and know manufacturer?