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    Patent Shotgun Rifle Combined

    Enclosed are images of Joseph Childs patent a UK Gun Maker of a combined shotgun and rifle .The gun in question is from the 1840 period its shotgun bore is a 10 with a 32 or there about rifle barrel mount on the top , the hammers have detachable noses which are secured by a slotted bolt...
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    Ironmongers Percussion Fowler

    Enclosed are images of which I believe to be a fowling gun which may have been sold by a ironmonger which was common in that period It is Birmingham made and proofed with a 33inch Damascus twist barrel which would have been 40 inch's or more and in good condition with no bore pitting...
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    Goose Shooting In America

    Came across this article of yesteryear published in the Buffalo Republican newspaper in America. well represented type of humour Feltwad
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    Ketland Flint lock Sporting Gun

    Enclosed are images of a early flintlock sxs sporting gun by Ketland of London that may interest members The approximate date of this gun is 1770-1800 the Ketland locks are fitted with roller frizzen which takes it too a later date of the flintlock period The barrels are 33inches in length...
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    Scottish Percussion Deer Rifle

    I came across a patent Scottish 14 bore deer rifle by William Landell of Glasgow Scotland circa 1840, most likely it would have been built for stalking on the hill which then was becoming quite popular .The barrel which is Damascus twist is octangle 39 inches long with a 4 groves rifling...
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    Goodby To Old Friends

    Today I sent to auction a selection of sxs percussion guns most I have had for a decade or two but with my advancing years it was now time to let them go . These guns served me well with many a good day shooting comprising of game shooting and pest control and also clay shooting . All are...
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    The Last Day Of The Season

    February 1st was the last day of the UK game season mostly known has a beaters day but a few friends and myself has a guest decided to walk the boundary of the estate . These boundary walks can be good or a total loss but today there was plenty of game and with them been wild birds they...
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    Abusing Our Heritage

    Restoration work see shotguns etc come your way some are just cosmetic work to do but some come in terrible condition. I will never understand how anyone can allow guns to get to a stage where there is almost no return but scrap. Although I have always try to restore our heritage I am now...
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    Secondhand Pedersolis

    The market in Pedersolis here in the UK has reach a low which I have noticed in the last year. Was at a auction this week and a sxs pedersoli in 12 bore nearly new sold for £50 which equals 66 USD also a Pedersoli Kentucky with a £80 tag did not get a bid . I think the main reason for...
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    Hunting Question

    It seems to me that this Forums is more associate to the hunting of deer and turkey, in the Uk the shooting of geese and duck known has wildfowling is well participated but in this hunting forum it is rarely mention Is there a reason ? Feltwad
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    Nother two Restoration

    Enclosed are couple of percussion restoration one by a London maker Lancaster in 12 bore which was in a bad condition but after some carefully restoration did turn out to a reasonable condition ,another feature about this gun was it is number one of a pair maybe number two is still going...
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    Static Display UK style

    For several decades here in the UK I have put on a Static Display at Game and Country Fairs also Agricultural Shows to represent different types of Muzzle loading shotguns through the ages . The idea of this is to educate the public about shooting it is surprizing that the public know very...
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    Continental Gun Makers

    You will find there were a large number of Continental gun makers from the middle of the percussion period carved their shotgun gun stocks A main favoured was the deer and the boars head from the wrist too the heel also a flower design around the cheek piece .Enclosed are images of...
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    UK coming Game Season

    August the 12th is the start of the red grouse season ,the red grouse is a true wild bird with no rearing. Some moors will do good and some will be bad this is common for grouse shooting most of the shooting guns are foreign people from different country's for which a days grouse shooting is...
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    English Percussion Park Rifle

    Enclosed are a couple of images that members may find interesting of a 50 calibre park rifle that was used in the country estate parks for the culling of park deer. This gun I have restored and housed in a fitted case by the well know gun maker Benjamin Wood ward Feltwad
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    Original Flintlock Fowler

    I picked up an original flintlock fowler a week ago although not by a London maker more so a continental maker .The gun is half stocked with a 48 inch iron barrel and in 16 bore the lock is a standard lock of the period 1780 -1810 the proof marks are foreign the iron trigger guard is finished...
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    Shotgun Restoration

    The image below is a sxs English Percussion gun which is in a poor state through neglect and left in a barn . What has its future 70% would say scrap it , 10% would scrap it for spares 10% leave it has it is in that state and that would leave 10 % who would try and bring it back to a...
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    Original Restorations

    There seems to be few threads on original restorations is it because most collectors do not believe in doing it even if its in poor condition and for some would be scrap Feltwad
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    Unusal Early Flintlock Rifle

    Enclosed are images of an early not often seen flintlock rifle ,it not only loads from the muzzle but is also a breech loader, not a Fergusons but a similar method . Feltwad
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    Repro Smootbores Second Hand

    Here in the UK over the last 6 months there has been a large increase in second hand repros muzzle loaders coming up for sale both private, and more so at auction . The large majority of these are by makers such has Pedersoli , Navy Arms and Zoli and the odd Berretta These guns consist of...