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  1. tallpine

    Brass lock plates...durable?

    Kevin, Chambers offers a brass lock plate upgrade on some of his locks. They have steel bushings for the tumbler and other high wear areas. There is a few other high end lock makers that also offer this option. They ain't cheap
  2. tallpine

    Charge not going off, help

    I tighten a 1/2 inch open end wrench in my bench vice, insert range rod, pull ball, easy peasy. You definitely have more leverage pulling from the rifle end than the ramrod end
  3. tallpine

    Dogs and frontloaders?

    Max, my tracking dog, found his first deer at 9 months old. He has recovered over thirty deer so far, all my hunting buddies think he is a rock star, he has saved the day many times.
  4. tallpine

    Charge not going off, help

  5. tallpine

    Charge not going off, help

    That's a great idea Grenadier, That will work better than a ball puller.
  6. tallpine

    Charge not going off, help

    If you can find someone with a compressor you can easily blow that ball out. Just lube it up good and be careful where you point it. That how I unload my smoothbore when I don't want to shoot it.
  7. tallpine

    Charge not going off, help

    Pretty much any oil will work for a few days, also letting it soak will make pulling it easier. The first thing a fellow needs to learn about muzzleloaders is how to clear the barrel, I promise you this will not be the last time you find yourself in this situation.
  8. tallpine

    Charge not going off, help

    Not removable, good thing is, smooth bores are easier to pull. Just make sure you have a good range rod that the end doesn't pull off , then you really will have problems. Just fill the barrel up with WD40, that will hold it for a few days .
  9. tallpine

    Charge not going off, help

    Who made your rifle?
  10. tallpine

    Charge not going off, help

    Pull the lock, and remove the touch hole liner, take a piece of wire and dig a bit of powder out and replace it with fresh powder, reassemble and shoot it out. If your touch hole liner is not removable your only option is to pull the ball.
  11. tallpine

    Charge not going off, help

    Is this a percussion ? If it is, does it have a clean out screw?
  12. tallpine

    determining the straightness of a bore.

    I don't know if this would work, I never tried it, just read about it. The old time barrel makers would check their bores for straightness with a string and a willow bow. Drop a string down the bore , tie each end to a flexible willow sapling pulled into the shape of a bow. hold barrel to the...
  13. tallpine

    Yakut knife

    The first time I ever seen one of these knives is when a fellow forum member posted one in the for sale section. Being a lifelong knife collector and knife maker it's pretty hard to come up with something I haven't seen,The Yakut is from Siberia, its origin is lost in antiquity, the blade...
  14. tallpine


    Experiential archeology , I like that term. Anyone who has ever hunted much knows that a sling just makes life much easier. I don't think it is beyond the realm of possibility that our ancestors would have figured that out too, probably just a piece of rope or leather carried in a hunting bag...
  15. tallpine

    Emory cloth...

    Ok, the kid does't know what emery cloth is but I bet he could straighten out your screwed up computer or I- phone when you can't. Kids today are not stupid they just live in a different world than we grew up in.
  16. tallpine

    Flintlock eats flints... What to do about it?

    First thing I'd do is replace that lead you are using with a piece of leather. I too believe your flints are too long. Go to Harbor Fright and get you a cheap Diamond wheel and grind the back of the flint down until you can get some clearance between your flint and the frizzen. If that doesn't...
  17. tallpine

    How to clean flintlock pistol without removing barrel

    You are correct,the White Lightning liners are not removable but I cut a screwdriver notch in mine and it is now removable, I have done two like this and have had no problems. I'm sure the OP has a removable liner. If your rifle does has a non removable liner your only option is a leaky toothpick
  18. tallpine

    Anyone engrave using an electropencil?

    Google wriggle engraving, tools are easy to make an is fairly easy to master.
  19. tallpine

    How to clean flintlock pistol without removing barrel

    I never had much luck using a toothpick, they usually leak and sometimes break off. What I do is remove the touch liner and plug the hole with a M8 x 1.25 bolt wrapped in Teflon tape. An even better set up is to cut the head off of the bolt and drill a 1/8 hole through the bolt and slip a...
  20. tallpine

    Priming the pan first

    5 pages of posts telling you that your loading method is risky. You just didn't get the answer you wanted to your question