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    All around sb for hunting?

    I would recommend a 20 ga. I have a 20 ga. french style trade gun. I have taken bear, many deer, many turkeys, quail, duck, chukar, rabbit and squirrel with this gun. It will take any game in North America, with the possible exception of grizzly... and I won't try to find out!
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    Dogs and frontloaders?

    My last dog (the love of my life 😍) Molly, loved to go bird hunting (ml shotgun) and did not mind being at my ml gun club during shoots. However, bring out a modern shotgun or riffle, and she was terrified.
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    I watched it and enjoyed it very much, however, I felt like there were still too many loose ends for it to be the end. Do they plan on following up, or was this the end of the series?? I have not heard anything about it.
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    Dumb luck (i will never admit that) err... Great skill :P

    "Do it again"..... my answer is "nah, that would just be showin' off."🤣
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    Who’s coned their smooth bore?

    It is your gun, do what pleases you. My friend cones his smoothbores, thick and thin barrels, just because he wants to and has the tool to do it. He kind of chuckles when talking about it, because most people look at him in disbelief. It makes NO difference in HIS shot pattern or POI with...
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    Black bandits

    A friend of mine said that as a teen his family would get together and butcher a bunch of hogs. They would dump the guts in one spot, and attach a fish hook to one of the pieces and tie down the other end, NOT A RECOMMENDATION, DO NOT TRY, just something THEY did in the hills back in the 50s...
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    Black bandits

    Shot a crow one time. Had a tag on it's leg that said "Wash. Biol. Serv." So, I washed it, I boiled it, and I served it........tasted terrible.
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    Is .45 enough for black bear?

    It should be good enough if you are.
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    New Trade Gun

    Check out this site from one of the members here, Bob Spencer: Full of great information, and entertaining to read.
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    Fudd whacked first flintlock turkey!

    Nice!. You must have nerves of steel to be able to wait for it to get that close.
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    Social distancing and turkey hunting

    I have always practiced social distancing with turkeys. If they dared to get within 25 yards of me, I shot them, no warning at all!!!!
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    Flintlock side-by-side: your thoughts

    My double started life as a Navy Arms (Pietta) 12 ga. percussion. Wish I could say I had the talent to do the conversion myself, but that is not the case. Unfortunately the gentleman that did do the conversion is no longer doing such work. Had the barrels jug choked also. Not sure of the...
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    Pedersoli SXS 12G shot gun

    Ever shoot trap or skeet with a muzzle loader? It is a whole nuther ball game. Timing is a lot different, and you REALLY need to follow through.
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    Buckshot for .32

    I have a box of Hornady #6411-1 buckshot. If I read the label correctly, that is 000 shot, .300 diameter. This does not appear to be available anymore, however I did find some from Ballistic Products in 8 pound jars. I use a .10 prelubed patch, and 25 gr. 3f goex. Very accurate out to about...
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    question about a squirrel rifle,,,,,,,,,,,

    I have found that my .32 cleans easier and faster than my other calibers. Don't know why, but it is. I have also found that I don't have to swab between shots. It does start getting a little harder to load after 15 or 16 shots though. I also find I have to clean the touch hole after each...
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    Where Do I Start!?!?

    A friend of mine said that for a lot of information on Scotts in NC, you should check out these books, they are full of a lot of information that would help you. I have not read these books myself, so I cannot comment on them except to say my friend is very knowledgeable. The first book, and...
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    Black powder bear questions

    Even better...a partner you can run faster than.:ghostly:
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    What Happened to CLOSER?

    With my 20 ga. cylinder bore, flintlock tradegun, I have taken many turkeys. I use 75 gr. 3f, 1 1/8 oz. #5 lead shot. Every one has been taken within 25 yards, most at less than 20 yards. I hunt turkey from a popup blind, sometimes with a decoy, often without. I watch where the turkeys...
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    Opinions Needed

    As long as it is legal, go for it. My friend and I are grocery shopping, so to speak, so we target young deer, we call them T&T, tender and tasty. If targeting the calves is not fun, or makes you feel like you are cheating, then there is no sense in targeting them. If the enjoyment is gone...
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    .62 Cal Tulle

    Great!! look forward to seeing you.