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  1. K

    FOR SALE Custom Underhammer .50 Rifle

    Percussion receiver with Green Mountain 32" 50 barrel. Mint bore. Feel free to message questions Will ship in wood shipping crate. Shipping costs included to lower 48 states $850.
  2. K

    Opinions on Dangler browning solution

    Danglers is my choice over Laurel Mt. Find it kind of slow to establish a good coat, but that is good for control. Usually 3 coats and then I wipe with a wet rag to continue the rusting and it comes out with a fine soft finish.
  3. K

    TRADE Parker hale musketoon for .54 sharps carbine

    Is this offer still available? Have a Sharps .54
  4. K

    Jug Choke

    Eastern Sky Arms in east Ky (606)216-8002 . 28-12 ga.
  5. K

    A Few Stains on Ash

    French red and Honey are great for accents.
  6. K

    SOLD Folding Peep Sight

    Can you tell us aperture size?
  7. K

    Hello from off the grid in the Kentucky Hills...

    First Sat in April , 10 am Brethitt County Fish and Game, Jackson KY Follow us on FB at Boone's Trace Muzzleloaders, or pm me direct.
  8. K

    Hello from off the grid in the Kentucky Hills...

    Glad you joined us. I too am from Eastern Kentucky, Perry Co. Welcome to shoot with a bunch of us up in Brethitt County at Boone's Trace Muzzleloaders
  9. K

    New memeber from ky!!

    Welcome from Perry Co. Brethitt now has a BP club, Boone's Trace Muzzleloaders.
  10. K

    Looking for a gunsmith

    I am in Kentucky. Muzzleloading and modern with FFL. PM me if interested.
  11. K

    Hello from Lexington, KY

    Welcome from Perry Co., Ky. and Boone's Trace Muzzleloaders.
  12. K

    SOLD ORIGINAL Beaver Top Hat

    Perfect addition to your fur trade era display. Hat is mint, leather travel case is worn but serviceable. Hat is roughly 21-1/2" diameter. Could it be worn? Yes, as it is not broken or loose. $100, shipped UPS.Will accept reasonable offer or trades. PM me on offer/trades.
  13. K

    FOR SALE Percussion lock

    Look guys, I go by the time stamp on any reply, here or PM. I try to be honest in dealings. Yes, it was a PM, and they took it.
  14. K

    FOR SALE Percussion lock

    Sold pending funds.
  15. K

    FOR SALE Percussion lock

    You are #2 in reply. I will let you know if they pass on it. Thanks
  16. K

    FOR SALE Percussion lock

    Nice little Spanish lock, like new. Adjustable sear. Strong spring. $35 shipped CONUS.
  17. K

    WANTED Need White Mountain or New Englander underrib & screws

    Try Scott Marston (603) 798-3580 [email protected] he has a lot of T/C parts or Track of the Wolf has undrilled rib stock
  18. K

    FOR SALE .45cal Smooth bore Kentucky Pistol Kit

    Seeing the barrel condition, how is the bore condition?
  19. K

    Any BP Shooters in Central Kentucky?

    There are clubs in Ky. NMLRA publishes them in the Charter Club section of web page. We are a bit east of you in Brethitt Co; Boone's Trace Muzzleloaders. Contact us on FB or [email protected]. You can find some products and powder at Evans Guns and Archery in Lexington and Nicholasville...