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  1. No second place

    FOR SALE Custom .44 caliber Flintlock pistol

    Aged brass fittings...Walnut stock...1 pound 12 ounce weight...Tuned fast and smooth Blount Co. Lock...Shiny bore with stainless vent set inline with pan for best ignition...2 pound match trigger with no creep or over travel (trigger stop)...My new and upgraded tuning credentials pictured...$650...
  2. No second place

    FOR SALE Pedersoli Continental match tuned caplock .45cal.

    Tuned lock and trigger by me...My new and improved credentials pictured. Trigger is a set trigger type that may be used also as a regular trigger. As intended for match use it's barrel is stone lapped, polished and Chromed at the Pedersoli factory as seen in video on YouTube or the Pedersoli...
  3. No second place

    SOLD Lyman .54 Plains pistol caplock

    Unfired as new in box with papers and Button Jag...$300 local 37069 or $20 shipping conus...Please Do Not Post Here...Please contact by PM only ...
  4. No second place

    You're just missing out...

    Very reasonable and safe camping. Friendly people. Learn and enjoy from the best...
  5. No second place

    You're just missing out...

    Enjoying the great weather and shooting at the NMLRA national championships...
  6. No second place

    WANTED Target pistol

    Looking for target pistols caplock and flintlock. Thanks...c
  7. No second place

    .36 cal balls in .375 and .380

    Track of the Wolf has .380 ball but, I prefer my cast RB.I know my RB all come from the same mold, same size and nothing but lead. Yes, many factory made perfect looking ball have hardener tin added. Makes them look better but not shoot as well as pure lead. Also lead loads easier...c
  8. No second place

    .36 cal balls in .375 and .380

    In all the .36 revolvers I have owned and tested .380s always have worked as well or better than .375s. Pietta, Uberti and all other makers. Dozens of .36s. I have found no use for .375s anymore. Better consistent accuracy due to not backing out under recoil and a wider band of contact with the...
  9. No second place

    CLOSED TC 5/16 Thimble

    Log cabin shop, DGW or TOW may help...c
  10. No second place

    Pistol Ramrod

    Custom Delrin handled with soft foam bike grip over delrin grip and Stainless rod with nylon tip starter for .36-.45 calibers...Hard door nob shape handed with aluminum tip starter and stainless rod for .29 to .32 calibers...Both with nylon bore guides and interchangeable brass tips. Aluminum...
  11. No second place

    "New" Ruger Old Army

    You will find 15grs. Olde E. 3F W/ A .457 ball is a great match accurate load at 25yds. Corn meal filler on top of powder. Seat ball just under mouth of chambers . Top with ball grease . This is a typical match winning load. 20grs BP would be maximum for match shooting...c
  12. No second place

    FOR SALE Original Pocket pistol.34 caliber smooth bore

    This fixed barrel pocket caplock is an original of the type known to be made about 1830s to 1860s. Some a bit later. Very popular among civilians with some even used as last ditch back ups during the war. Fully functional by my examination. $200 local 37069 or $15 shipping conus...Please Do Not...