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    issue with breech plug

    BS. If there's a gap when he tightens the tang down then filing the face of the plug is going to bring the gap down. Cutting deeper threads and now you're getting into the rifled portion of the barrel. That's a stupid thing to do. File the plug face. If it gets screwed up, much easier and...
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    Squirrel load

    Same load I use for pheasant hunting, 70 grains 2fg, and 70 grains no. 6 lead shot. 70 grains by volume of lead weighs in at 1 1/8 ounce. Crumpled phone book paper for wadding. Supermarket bag paper shot cups.
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    Cannot find Black Powder

    I mix, then mill similar to you, but I do as that guy on the YouTube channel Everything blackpowder does. Add a tiny amount of water to the powder, mix until there is no dust. Then compress into pucks via my homemade pucking die, and my 12 ton press. Lay them out to dry for about 5 days, then...
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    can't pay with a check, so goodbye to this board.

    I won't use check or credit card. I won't ever pay to be part of a website. The day they force me to pay or I'm out, then I'm out. I like watching PBS on occasion, but will never give them money I don't care how much the beg. Can't afford to produce your programming, not my fault. I'll go...
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    How often do you guys take apart and oil your locks?

    I never disassemble a lock once the gun is finished. I do however remove the lock from its mortise after each shooting session. I use a nylon bristle brush dipped in cleaning solution to get rid of any soot, then dry the lock with a hairdryer then lightly oil the wear points then back into the...
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    Cannot find Black Powder

    This thread is the reason I learned how to make my own powder. Shortages, or plant closures such as what we all experienced with Goex going down, taught me that I can't rely on hoping I can find powder if I want to continue to enjoy my hobby. Same as with lead getting scarce, I made sure I...
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    Dove shot size?

    No. 8 shot for me, same as in modern guns. A muzzleloader load has plenty of power to drop a dove. I want more lead in the air, to avoid gaps in the pattern, versus penetrating power per pellet. Id use no.9 if I could find it, but none of the places I shop carries it, but they all stock bags of...
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    left hand vrs right hand

    As I said, there aren't any left handed M1s. So as a southpaw, I had no choice but to buy a right handed gun. I learned to load it right handed, however, since I'm left eye dominant amd left handed I shoot it from the left shoulder. I don't like doing it but I don't like the idea of not owning...
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    left hand vrs right hand

    You can wear two right footed shoes and get away with it, but it ain't gonna be comfortable! Why do the same with a rifle? I hear all these guys saying it doesn't matter, blah blah blah, but you gotta realize, they're probably all right handed. Let them shoot a left handed gun and you'll see...
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    .32 caliber rifle

    My .32 likes the thinner Thompson Center lubed patches rather than pillow ticking. I cast my own balls with a. 311 double cavity Lee mold. I use 25 grains of 3fg. I know this gun is more accurate than I am, but I can hit a 50 cent piece size target at 50 yards pretty regularly, and that's right...
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    Junk yard find

    Could be used for cast bullets for modern cartridge guns. I'd melt that somebitch down in a heartbeat. That old newspaper stuff holds no value to me.
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    Anyone Know?

    The flash hole looks a bit too high. Supposed to sit on the imaginary line drawn across the flats of the pan. It definitely sits above this line.
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    Assemble then finish?

    And then what happens if there's a slight issue you didn't notice before, and you have to shave a little bit of wood here or there? You gonna refinish it?
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    Casting .310 Round Balls............

    I use a Lee double cavity .311 mold for my .32 caliber. For some reason one of the holes consistently won't throw complete balls. I've tried everything but it still will have a deformed ball about every 3rd or fourth cast. Weird
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    Are round balls going the way of caps, etc?

    I've got enough to last me the rest of my life at the rate I shoot.
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    Bass has them

    I hate Bass Pro. They ruined Cabelas, now both store chains suck. I never go the local Cabelas anymore because it's overpriced and they never have what I want. I heard the Cabelas way down in Delaware had over 500K rounds stolen over a short period. Presumably handgun rounds for the homeys in...
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    Round Balls per Pound

    The figures for the .32 seem accurate. I melted down an old 5 ounce fishing sinker my father in law gave me a couple years ago, and if memory serves, I was able to cast about 45 balls with it plus a tiny bit left over. So three times 45 is around 135 ish.
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    What's up with Flints?...

    I think a lot of guys exaggerate their claims on number of shots from a flint. That said, I've had a couple where I got a couple dozen shots out of them before they wore out. Normally about 20 max and it becomes part of the landscape again. I don't even attempt to knap them. To me it's like...
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    Why Kibler

    Kibler I guess is now the AR 15 of long rifles, as in ease of assembly. However, are you building a gun, or as is the case with an AR, simple putting parts together. There is a difference, and for some, the challenge of getting everything to fit and work properly, is as much a part of the fun as...
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    Traditions Mountain Flintlock vs Pedersoli Hawken Flintlock

    And what gun will hold or exceed its value in years to come? I doubt a Traditions will. And from what I've read and heard, the "skill level" to put together a Kibler is probably not that much more involved than putting a Traditions gun together. Also, add the cost of replacing broken, worn out...