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  1. TexiKan

    When It Says, " Shot XXX Times" ?

    I suspect somebody tried the hobby and shot a few rounds and decided it was not for them. Let’s see...I bought100 round balls and I still have 94 left! Shot only six times by the little old lady on a Sunday afternoon and used only half loads! That should make an easy sale!
  2. TexiKan


    I did a variation of this with different hot peppers hanging from strings. Some were bigger, like a jalapeno, and other were smaller, like a Scotch Bonnet. Miss it, eat it. Unfortunately there were some wimps who claimed their hardy mountain man physique was allergic or cause sickness....and...
  3. TexiKan

    Breech plug won't budge

    Ha! The breech plug on my Sharon Hawken rifle kit, which was purchased in the early '80's, came with an over torqued one on the barrel. For those who have not worked with one of their kits, the flats needed significant filing to get them to be smooth. I could not budge the breech, which did...
  4. TexiKan


    Back in the '70's, I could not find a reasonable left handed rifle. I saved some bucks to order a custom built left handed Hawken and after sending the money, the builder never delivered. Back to square one. The Sharon rifle was brand new and costlier than most production guns. I had a gun...
  5. TexiKan

    Kansas Folks

    Glad you are with us. Hope you plan on being at the Spring Rondy!
  6. TexiKan

    Creating a muzzleloader club

    I have been a member of our muzzleloading club since 1977 and the club was founded in 1972. Watched many clubs come and go. Some died as a result of power struggles and others died for a lack of growth and focus. One thing for sure, do not keep doing "the same 'ol same 'ol" at each shoot...
  7. TexiKan

    Range boxes

    Not really. Heck, after all these years I have come to appreciate it. The size is not too big nor too small. Although you cannot quite see it, there is a large, open section under the top pull out one. I also like the sturdy wood handle which serves as a support to hold up the lid when open...
  8. TexiKan

    Range boxes

    Here is my range box which was purchased from a rifle barrel barrel vendor who was at our state shoot back in the late 1970’s. I recall paying about $30. for it at the time. They told me they made them from some of the left over wood. I continue to use it to this day.
  9. TexiKan

    Looking for Unique Target Ideas

    One year I questioned the hardiness of our plainsmen and mountain men and set up a Pepper Shoot as part of a novelty competition. Various types of peppers were hung on strings at a distance of around 20 yards or so. Points were accumulated if they hit each pepper but if they missed, they were...
  10. TexiKan

    I know about the dry ball club; but is there a no ball club?!?

    Been there, done that. But a specific incident some of us witnessed resulted in a new camp name for one of our fellow club members. We were watching some friends shoot at a long distance range at a nearby rendezvous. Our friend, using a flintlock, was shooting and eventually he became...
  11. TexiKan

    Creating a muzzleloader club

    Some good advice has been given. Also consider the type of shooting you will be doing. I joined our club around 1975-76 and we patterned ours after a club in Missouri. Thus, we focused more on shooting paper targets at various ranges, per the NMLRA. Later on, we learned many other clubs...
  12. TexiKan

    Are we losing members?

    Totally agree with the "if someone asks" response. Like Zonnie said, even if the person is wrong, it is not our place to make correcting remarks. I recall the self professed "stitch counters" would approach folks, uninvited, and tell them their outfit is not correct. If the event was a...
  13. TexiKan

    What is your main use for your muzzle loaders?

    100% target shooting since 1973. I had a .45 cal. stolen and I was talked into a .50 cal. Gawker because “you can go hunt and target shoot with it.” It is a Sharon and a bit heavy for my frame but I will never hunt. If I had to do it all over again, I would have built a .40 or .45.
  14. TexiKan

    Are we losing members?

    I’ve posted this in the past and I am sure it is part of the reason for the OP. For several years, I was our ML club’s newsletter editor and I promoted this forum in my publications. Several joined but eventually they ceased participating because the discussion became one sided, argumentative...
  15. TexiKan

    Ungrateful identification seekers

    I know the feeling because in another hobby I was constantly being asked about items and their worth. It gets old and in some cases I would like to have some of them so it makes negotiating difficult. As mentioned, there are those who only want the information to make a sale. End of reason to...
  16. TexiKan

    Kansas Folks

    Yes, I have done that, too. Here is the correct link:
  17. TexiKan

    Non Wipers Only.

    I would agree wiping and being consistent leads to more accuracy. Then again, some folks are not as concerned about that quality of accuracy. Having been in this hobby since the 1970's, I have learned many prefer shooting steel as opposed to paper. Our club shoots primarily paper and I have...
  18. TexiKan

    Non Wipers Only.

    Grenadier1758, maybe I should clarify my perception of "seasoning" which is somewhat like a well seasoned cast iron skillet. Now I am basically a one gun shooter--I built a .50 cal. Sharon Hawken rifle and it is about all I shoot. When the Young Country lube came out, it was recommended to use...
  19. TexiKan

    Non Wipers Only.

    I was perfectly happy with Young Country lube for many years and then.....I read several threads here saying do not use or season your barrel, try dry lube and wipe after each shot for accuracy. Then I was happy with Leigh High Valley and then it changed. Can't say all of these changes has...
  20. TexiKan

    Camp Biscuits

    Not deviating from the thread but I am curious if any here have made Pan de Campo (Camp bread) which is the official bread of Texas? Here is one video link but there are many different ways to make it in a dutch oven. Not quite the traditional biscuits as we know it but another alternative.