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  1. Marc50

    TC Hawken Great Plains Conical Fit

    The Great Plains shoot great out my Renegade and passable in my Hawken. They are cheap and kill Whitetails nicely.
  2. Marc50

    Hunting with a percussion rifle

    Half cock for 39 years and never had a cap fall off.
  3. Marc50

    Pawn Shop Renegade .50

    For a feller of older age and weaker eyes those fiber optics ain’t all bad ;)
  4. Marc50

    First Time. TC Hawken

    The board is giving you good solid advice. I’ll say just use good old soap and water for cleaning.
  5. Marc50

    Thoughts on TC QLA on Hawken rifles

    My Renegade has QLA and it shoots fine. I’ve only shot conicals in that one and it’s nice to load.
  6. Marc50

    #11 CAPS Louisville Area

    Hopefully it’s a sign that some are coming back.
  7. Marc50

    Plains rifle ?

    That’s a good looking rifle, enjoy!
  8. Marc50

    Another Interesting Youtube channel

    Thanks for posting this. I’ve watch several of his videos the last couple of days.
  9. Marc50

    Hello From Viginia

    About 60 miles west of Roanoke.
  10. Marc50

    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    Took the Hawken out for a hunt.
  11. Marc50

    Late season morning

    After the big freeze and storms of the last few days this morning dawned cold, clear and still. 17* when I headed out the door just as I could see to go up the mountain without a light. I bought a TC Hawken from a member here last week and have been shooting it over the last couple of days...
  12. Marc50

    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    Went out and shot my new to me TC Hawken. 2F Goex and a 385 GPB did well. I’m taking it out for a doe hunt in the morning.
  13. Marc50

    Forgot about powder stash

    Not worried at all. These are all in the tin cans, no plastic. None has ever been opened.
  14. Marc50

    Forgot about powder stash

    I knew I had a small quantity of black powder in my cabinet where I store all my components. I’m going to shoot tomorrow and hunt Wednesday.I thought I would get some real BP to feed the newly acquired Hawken. 3# of Elephant 2F, 1# Goex 3F, and 3# of Goex 2F. The Goex was $9.99 a pound when I...
  15. Marc50

    Pawn shop CVA mountain rifle kit

    That’s a nice find! One of these days I’ll come across one.
  16. Marc50

    Free barrel offer and proposal

    I actually used a grease gun on dad’s Lyman yesterday. It worked very very well and cleanup wasn’t terrible.
  17. Marc50

    Made Meat

  18. Marc50

    A fine day on the mountain

    I just arrived here a few days ago and found this. Congratulations on your buck. I live up in VA but work in Mayberry ;)
  19. Marc50

    Pawn Shop CVA Mountain Rifle Today

    I had a chance at a brand new one back in the 80s and passed, kick myself every time I think about it.
  20. Marc50

    SOLD Traditions St. Louis Hawken for sale.***REDUCED***AGAIN***

    Looked at this rifle today, it looks brand new.