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    Recommendations for .40 RB..

    It depends on the bore size. Sometimes you just have to measure stuff or experiment.
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    Any ideas on how i canbuse a .50 hawken for squirrels

    You could try a .40 ball with a sabot. The ball has to press out against the sabot hard enough to engage the rifling. A .36 probably won’t press out enough, but a .40 might. You might find someone here who could sell you a partial box cheap if you ask.
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    Things said that make me want to shoot alone

    I’d have challenged the guy to a duel. Seriously though - you could challenge him to a competition in which the loser buys a pound of powder for the winner.
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    Smooth Bore Revolver

    A bigger problem in a percussion revolver is that it relies on a really tight ball swaged into the chamber during loading. The balls have to stay seated during recoil to keep the cylinder from getting tied up, and to prevent space between the powder and projectile allowing a KB. If you are...
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    Moulding balls

    One thing I’ll add is that though it seems obvious, solid lead and molten lead weigh the same. Don’t load too much lead in to melt that you can’t handle it safely.
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    Moulding balls

    Some degree of purification took place, because most of my lead was dug out of the walls of a chiropractor’s old X-ray room. I have also melted wheelweights and recovered bullets a few times. A lot of random junk was usually burned off - I used shavings of candle wax to flux and burn impurities...
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    Moulding balls

    I’ve smelted and fluxed scrap lead in an old cast iron pot over a fire pit before, and got really nice, clean lead from it. I keep any scrap lead at this point because I can at the very least melt it for a smoothbore, even if it’s too hard for a rifle. Any odd bullets I end up with, random shot...
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    who is this famous person and what are the guns?

    Yeah, I had to look it up but I knew I had seen a 2 trigger rifle before. Wesson is the only one I know of who made them. The open top on the right (Colt?) may be missing its loading lever. It’s my understanding that some photos of this era included props that were owned by photographers. It’s...
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    Muzzleloader Confiscated at Mass. Airport

    Just knowing that I’d lose a $400+ handgun if I forget it in a carry-on is lots of motivation to make sure I don’t forget. I don’t have an extra $400 to just flush away for that.
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    Muzzleloader Confiscated at Mass. Airport

    They generally make you have ammo in a factory box or plastic box, and I’ve only had trouble checking any gun once. Ammo in a checked bag is no problem. One American Airlines staff hassled me about ten years, but it’s definitely legal to check a legal gun between two legal places you need to...
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    Muzzleloader Confiscated at Mass. Airport

    I do have to agree that if you fly, you have to use a good lockable case. Having said that - TSA’s little victory lap over confiscating a muzzleloader is absurd. It’s not like the guy was going to commandeer a ship of the line and sail out of Tortuga with a crew of buccaneers.
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    Muzzleloader Confiscated at Mass. Airport

    Oh yay. TSA has saved us all from scary muzzleloaders. Way to go boys!
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    Best value flintlock

    I’d definitely go towards the $700 to $1,000+ kit or gun. I like the history and elegant styling of more historically inspired muzzleloaders, and you usually don’t get that until you get into the mid or upper price range.
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    TC Renegade bad breech plug: fixable? Advice requested.

    Nope. Thanks for the correction.
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    Revolutionary War muskets recovered

    It’s great the artifacts were returned. Not great that this guy got away with a lifetime of thefts, but it’s too late to change that now. At this point the situation probably isn’t worth getting worked up over.
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    TC Renegade bad breech plug: fixable? Advice requested.

    Might consider the T/C replacement plug here too: http://www.longrifles-pr.com/breechplugs.shtml
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    TC Renegade bad breech plug: fixable? Advice requested.

    I recently saw a T/C caplock in an auction with the lock plate bent and something going on with the nipple. I think it was missing entirely, and I assumed some failure had occurred. Hopefully not the same gun just quickly tossed out to a new customer.
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    TVLL Musket

    I think it’s maybe a Centermark fusil. If I’m not mistaken, Alex Efremenko described them some years ago - mostly what was not historically accurate about them.
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    Renegade cracked stock

    If it’s not too bad you might be able to drill and glue/pin it with hardwood dowels. We have an old rifle in the family with a repair like that near the toe. It’s held for 90 years.