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    WANTED looking for a TC Renegade Tumbler.

    Track of the Wolf has one listed for T/C percussion and flint locks. Just plug in Thompson Center tumbler and it will come up.
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    Number 11 cap shortage?

    Still shooting caps I bought at Walmart after season years ago for .75 cents a hundred, yep I am a hoarder!
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    HELP Shotgun Choices??

    Pedersoli sxs are nice and Navy Arms made a sxs that is no longer in production but was lighter weight. There are also a lot of original sxs that are shooters. Most can be loaded light or heavy to meet your hunting requirements.There are lots of possibilities.
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    Gaggle of jakes

    How do turkeys wipe out the pheasant and quail populations?
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    LED bore lights....

    Look at Thill bobber lights, works very well.
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    10 lbs BP Now Or Wait

    For those of us who shoot skeet and trap, 10 lbs might get us through one year. Some shoot more than others and don’t consider 10 lbs hoarding. I usually buy a 25lb case that might last 2 years.
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    Hello from Western KY

    Hopkins Co. I will send you a private message.
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    Hello from Western KY

    Hello and welcome from Western KY also. This is the right place for information on all things black powder and there are lots of good flintlock kits out there. Depending on your interests and skill level you can find what you need to know here. Just take your time to get the right one for you.
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    Friendship IN 2022

    First weekend is usually packed but a lot of the vendors leave by mid week. There are two flea market/craft shows adjacent to the range that draws a large crowd. If you are looking for guns earlier is better.
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    GOEX sold?

    Sorry, did not mean to post, fumbled ipad. Getting clumsy as I age.
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    GOEX sold?

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    CLOSED J. P. Murray Navy Arms Carbine unfired $500 shipped

    Check his other ads. He has knife, lead and other guns that are using photos from previously posted sales.
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    New Guy In NC

    You came to the right place for info on how-to build your gun. There is a lot of knowledge in this forum and they will steer you in the right direction. But as they say here if we don’t see pictures it never happened!
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    What did you do today

    Just do as I did and get both! I have the .40 SMR and the .54 Colonial and love them!
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    What was your first Muzzleloader?

    Thompson Center New Englander 50 cal in early eighties when Ky first started a muzzleloader deer season. I took a buck in regular season and one in the muzzleloader season, both with round ball. I then purchased the 12 ga barrel for it and took squirrels,rabbits and quail. I have since moved...
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    Pedersoli sxs ?

    If you shoot several rounds of skeet a day for several days you might have a problem!
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    Georgia DNR proposes huge change to laws pertaining to muzzleloading deer hunting

    Most of the unmentionable muzzleloaders using unmentionable projectiles are 45-54 caliber. The traditional muzzleloaders have guns in smaller calibers 32-40 but most are experienced hunters and shooters and use appropriate calibers for thier hunting. I personally have 32,36,40,45,50 and 54 cal...