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    WANTED 50Cal Lee R.E.A.L bullets and/or 50cal Minnie's

    Thanks. What is the weight of the final bullet for the 50?
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    WANTED 50Cal Lee R.E.A.L bullets and/or 50cal Minnie's

    For a good day testing at the range I would think a dozen would work.
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    WANTED 50Cal Lee R.E.A.L bullets and/or 50cal Minnie's

    Thanks. I'm not really sure what is all out there other than the Lee real bullets. I'm interested in trying whatever I can to be honest. I'd be happy to buy some off you to try.
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    WANTED 50Cal Lee R.E.A.L bullets and/or 50cal Minnie's

    I'm looking for a handful of each to try in my flintlock rifles. Currently shoot PRB with good success but just wanted to try something different to compare. Would like to try the 250gn Real bullet and the 320gn. Thank you
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    How often do you shoot?

    We try to shoot at least once a week. That's harder in the summer with other activities.
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    Pa.Flinty only season?

    Yes it is. It's where I do a majority of my deer hunting. Beautiful area. Hard hunting but worth it.
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    Pa.Flinty only season?

    I'll be hunting 1/11-1/16 @ camp in the ANF in McKean Co. Can't wait. If I don't get anything up there I have until almost the end of the month in the SRA local.
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    So let’s see em, what are you hunting with this season?

    I'll be hunting this year with this one. Bought it used a few years ago and don't know much other than it shoots great. 50Cal .490RB .010patch and 70g FFg Have a week at camp for PA flintlock season later in January. Season starts today, might head out this afternoon local.
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    Making a new ramrod - questions

    Thanks. This replacement is mainly for show. I have brass range rods I use for all of my regular shooting. This would only be used if needed for a secondary shot if I'm hunting with this rifle.
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    Making a new ramrod - questions

    Thank you for all of the information. I'm pretty satisfied with the piece I chose. I'll get to finishing it up.
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    Making a new ramrod - questions

    Years ago I purchased my first "custom" flintlock. I got it local and fairly cheap. It was functional but rough. Looks like maybe it was a guys first attempt at a build. I got my first flintlock deer with it a few years ago so I'm very happy with it. I've decided I want to fix it up a little but...
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    Newb here from PA.

    Welcome from Montco. Where in SEPA did you shoot?
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    WANTED Looking for flintlock pistol 50cal+

    Looking for a flintlock pistol to hunt with in PA. Must be at least 50cal to meet their regulations. I do like the dragoon style but I am open so long as it looks good :) I do want a pistol with a quality lock. Rifled barrel preferred but not necessary. Thank you
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    New guy here from PA

    Welcome. I'm in Western Montgomery county. If you're interested we shoot BP regularly at my club in Chester County. Usually on Sundays. Send me a PM if you'd like to tag along some time and we'll get you squared away.
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    SOLD Hand made box frock…sold

    Do you have any pictures of it being worn? I'm 5'11 195 and am interested in it.
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    Cylinder loading stand

    Good idea. May I ask which clamp you purchased? Any major modifications needed to the clamp?
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    The end of an Era.:~((((

    I hope they do find a new venue. I was hoping to get there for the show this year but with the weather and work schedule it wasn't happening :(
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    Small Arms of the British Forces in America - Giveaway

    nice gesture my guess is 572
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    Got one today!

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    Five days of hunting in northwest Pa.

    Our camp is in the ANF. McKean Co. Westline area. It's fantastic. You'll work for the deer but they are there. I was hoping to get out there for the final weekend but scheduling didn't permit it. It's my favorite place to be. Good luck to you!