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  1. Columbus

    FOR SALE .36 Griswold & Gunnison Revolver - Navy Arms

    Why are you requiring FFL?
  2. Columbus

    FOR SALE sale item question

    See #7 https://www.muzzleloadingforum.com/threads/forum-rules.108881/
  3. Columbus

    FOR SALE Lyman .58 Minie Mould

    I'll take it, pm me with payment details - PayPal is ok.
  4. Columbus

    Reconciling the past

    They're not going to "ride" up and spear anything as they had no horses until we brought them.
  5. Columbus

    WANTED WTB Pedersoli Frontier "Maple" DELUXE Flintlock Rifle

    This one is listed here: FOR SALE - New/Unfired Taylors&Co Frontier Flintlock
  6. Columbus

    WANTED Zouave Carbine Steel Ram Rod

    In stock at Lodgewood, in stock at Dixie, in stock at S&S.
  7. Columbus

    SOLD Pietta 1851 Navy Steel .36

    I'll take it - can do PayPal
  8. Columbus

    Broke Pietta

    Let the brass age, looks better that way.
  9. Columbus

    Finish on Remington

    This is a Navy Arms marked (by Pietta) Remington I picked up a while back. Does the stainless finish mimic something was done on originals, maybe nickel?
  10. Columbus

    WITHDRAWN Pietta 1861 Navy

    Pietta 1861 Navy, .36 cal, six shot, half fluted cylinder, 5.5" bbl, date code BF, excellent condition. $300 shipped conus.
  11. Columbus

    SOLD PRICE REDUCTION Feb 2023- 1855 Springfield Musket Commemorative Edition -

    Was this still available? The ad is over four months old.
  12. Columbus

    SOLD Kibler Southern Mountain Rifle, 40cal. Highest Grade Stock Available, 46" Swamped Barrel. BEAUTIFUL.

    He currently has a buyer or at least that's what he told me when I asked for pictures of the holes drilled in the stock for a toe plate.
  13. Columbus

    SOLD Black Powder Balls & Accessory Lot

    You have your ad in the wrong section.
  14. Columbus

    The Best Muzzleloading Movies

    Lots of muskets, pistols and hand to hand in the mud in this one.
  15. Columbus

    SOLD AS NEW Pedersoli 1863 Sharps Sporting Rifle .45

    Just pull the block and if there's an 0-ring under the gas-check plate it's the newer version.
  16. Columbus

    SOLD AS NEW Pedersoli 1863 Sharps Sporting Rifle .45

    Couldn't see any date codes and was interested in whether this was late enough to have the newer Pedersoli block mods ( o-ring) or if it has perhaps been modified via Charlie Hahn or Larry Flees?