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    SOLD Uberti 58 Revolving Carbine (NIB)

    Don’t feel sorry for BigSkyRambler. He took the kids Christmas money selling me that Sharps rifle 🤣 Fred
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    First Shots!

    I successfully, kinda, fired my first shots ever from a flintlock! I loaded up 80 grains of Triple Seven and a patched round ball. The first shot we went off without a hitch. The second shot was a lot of work. I couldn’t get it to fire to save my life. I tried several times without success...
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    Priming The Pan

    Here’s a question that I hope doesn’t get me tossed out on on backside. Is anyone priming the pan with black powder but using Triple Seven loose powder for the load in the barrel? Thanks Fred
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    Stuck Jag....

    Simplicity...... Remove the nipple. Pour 5 grains of powder through where the nipple screws in. Replace nipple. Put a cap on the nipple. Point in a safe direction. Cock the hammer. Pull the trigger. Done
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    Best Range Rod Suggestions

    That's a great idea. I'm just a little leary of a multi-section rod, especially on a traditional rifle. It would be nice to carry in a range bag though. Thanks for the suggestion.
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    Best Range Rod Suggestions

    Thank you everyone for your input. I just ordered a 36" and a 45" stainless steel range rod with muzzle protectors from The Log Cabin Shop. I'm really kicking myself for losing the one I had. I'm hopeful that I will find it somewhere in the house but something tells me that I inadvertently left...
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    Best Range Rod Suggestions

    Well, I had a nice one piece range rod but it has disappeared. What range rod do you recommend? I have Hawken rifles, Lyman GPR, and a few Pennsylvania long rifles. Where’s the best place to purchase from? Thanks, Fred
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    WANTED Flints

    I need to buy some flints for my rifles. I have a Lyman GPR, and a couple of Pedersolis. I thought I’d check in here before going online to purchase some. Thank you, Fred
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    SOLD .50 Cabelas Blue Ridge Flintlock

    I'll take it. I sent you a message. I don't want DeerstalkerT sleeping alone and freezing this winter : ) Fred
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    Thanksgiving Traditions That People Don't Understand

    My Dad used to make oyster dressing for Thanksgiving and Christmas. He'd buy chicken backs and cook them down, then add the chicken skin from the backs to the oyster dressing. It was delicious! I keep threatening to try my hand at making it one of these days. Fred
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    FOR SALE 36 seneca-nib

    He does have a phone number in the original post without the pictures......
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    FOR SALE Buckskin Frontiersman Shirt

    Would you explain how the bullet hole happened, please?
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    WANTED Wm. Malcolm Telescopic Sight

    I’m looking to purchase a Wm. Malcolm telescopic sight for my Missouri River Hawken rifle. Preferably one that includes the mounting bases and rings. Thank you, Fred
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    SOLD Lyman GPR Hunter

    Is that the factory rear sight that's on the rifle ? It's not the rear sight that I'm accustomed to Lyman GPR's having. Thank you, Fred
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    Pedersoli Blue Ridge flintlock rifle?

    Check the Gunbroker site as well for one of the rifles that you're interested in. Fred
  16. F

    SOLD F/S 28 ga Cherry Smoothbore

    The 48” length gives a nice, long sighting plane... 😳
  17. F

    FOR SALE Davide Pedersoli Missouri River Hawken Rifle

    Let me correct myself. I replied to your message, not email. Here’s the exchange below. I don’t appreciate the tone of the latest message that you sent to me. You’ve attempted to call me out when indeed I did respond to you, and your post and message is uncalled for..... Fred
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    FOR SALE Davide Pedersoli Missouri River Hawken Rifle

    I responded to your email in which you stated that you were not wanting a walnut stocked gun. What more can I do ? Fred
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    FOR SALE David Pedersoli Alamo Long Rifle Commemorative Flintlock Rifle

    Yes it is. I am traveling and have limited cell and internet availability so it may take a day for me to reply.