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  1. sussexmuzllodr

    Bob Hoyt

    Bobby is one of a kind now... have no idea how someone will fill his shoes....
  2. sussexmuzllodr

    Rules and definitions

    I am guilty as charged...sometimes....:thumb:
  3. sussexmuzllodr

    Rules and definitions

    Muzzle Loading Firearm, One that is loaded from the Muzzle.
  4. sussexmuzllodr

    Why is discussion of making ypur own powder frowned upon here?

    In some States there was a time where yo could get item,s delivered to your door. Then the all encompassing nanny state Ringmasters changed things.
  5. sussexmuzllodr

    Rules and definitions

    I look at this Forum as an Opinion Column. Pick and choose what,s useful to ya....
  6. sussexmuzllodr

    Why is discussion of making ypur own powder frowned upon here?

    Not to mention if it were allowed the Left would waste no time in labeling this Forum a Right Wing terrorist Chatroom...to that end a certain amount of furniture must remain piled against the Door....
  7. sussexmuzllodr

    Lyman Flintlocks

    Put a 2019 Lyman investarms into an old cabelas stock. Great shooter.
  8. sussexmuzllodr

    Has anyone ever used....

  9. sussexmuzllodr

    Has anyone ever used....

    SPAM as wadding? Heck it would sure lube the Barrel!
  10. sussexmuzllodr

    Montana muzzleloading season, blaze orange, camouflage

    I used to hide in a pile of branches during bow season. no orange/ gillie suit and camo face. What came down out of the neighborhood was legendary. I used to get so taken in by what came around me at times I did not even want to shoot. It,s beautiful and all encompassing at times...
  11. sussexmuzllodr

    Sunrise Gobbler

    Anticipation...sleep loss....and all the things that go with the excitement of the Hunt! Good for You!
  12. sussexmuzllodr

    Midwest Powders-BE WARNED!!!!

    Your loss is our gain....sorry for you...
  13. sussexmuzllodr

    Rules and definitions

    Think its tough here? Try the NJ Bow Hunting Forum....
  14. sussexmuzllodr

    Rules and definitions

    Im partial to the fact filled Civil War disscussions...but hey its just me....
  15. sussexmuzllodr

    Poor preformance

    Thats a Ten on the awesome list!
  16. sussexmuzllodr

    Had not noticed this before....

    You can always coat the bore with shortening and bake it in the oven to season it.....just kidding...
  17. sussexmuzllodr

    Percussion caps coming back?

    I have Plenty. No Apologies.....
  18. sussexmuzllodr

    Can this stock be fixed?

    In my years on here I have not seen any negatives about Rifleman. Some things are beyond our control
  19. sussexmuzllodr

    Percussion caps coming back?

    Parris caps from cabelas. Place on cardboard and salt it with Holy Black. Spritz of hair spray and in 1/2 hour you have usable caps. Cardboard is so that you can remove the grid of caps and return excess to your bp supply.
  20. sussexmuzllodr

    Percussion caps coming back?

    Whats the Worry?