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    WB Selb .40 cal Hawken Squirrel Rifle

    I had to check my correspondence since it's been so long ago; my Hawken was to be .58 with a 34" straight barrel. With my wait at over 3 plus years and Smokey's at 4, I'd say your chances of getting it for next year's hunting season are unfortunately about zero. I'd have never ordered it if...
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    WB Selb .40 cal Hawken Squirrel Rifle

    Well, Smokey, that doesn't make much sense. The only part that might not be useable for the next build in line might be the barrel. (Mine was to be 1" .58 straight. cut to 32".)
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    WB Selb .40 cal Hawken Squirrel Rifle

    My wait time for a Hawken from Mr. Selb now stands at a little over 3 years, not quite as bad as the fellow above who has waited 4 years. He quoted 18 months when i ordered it. I know he had a bad bout with covid early on which put him farther behind. I'm not getting any younger and my...
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    English sporting rifle?

    I think I may opt to have a Chambers kit assembled. I've read a mix of good and not so good about Caywood on the board. Some years ago, I had an Isaac Haines rifle (Chambers kit) assembled by Mike Gahagan, and in my view, it was beautifully done. I may have him do this one.
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    English sporting rifle?

    I'm thinking about an English sporting rifle or so-called "Game gun", and would either have the Chambers kit finished or buy a finished Caywood. Can anyone comment about either?
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    Small Cal.Deer

    Here in Ohio, the minimum caliber is .38 Quite a few years ago, I shot a medium size doe with my .40 flintlock longrifle. As I recall, I was using 65 grains of 3f, and the range turned out to be about 120 long paces. The deer was standing stationary and broadside. To my amazement, at the...