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  1. J

    SOLD Custom 58 Cal Hawken

    SPF Up for sale is a customized Western Arms Santa Fe Hawken rifle. When purchased, it was marked .54 caliber but in reality, used a .520 or .526 patched round ball. The rifle was originally produced by Uberti for Western Arms, who was sued by Winchester over the name and later had to change it...
  2. J

    SOLD Custom 50 Cal Percussion Rifle

    The rifle new and never fired. Jerry
  3. J

    SOLD Custom 50 Cal Percussion Rifle

    SPF Thank you all for the compliments. The pics do not do the wood justice. It looks a lot nicer in your hands. Jerry
  4. J

    SOLD Custom 50 Cal Percussion Rifle

    SPF Up for sale is a custom-built percussion rifle. I bought a parts set from a guy who was selling this online. He began this building project some 45 years ago and never finished it. He bought all top-quality parts including a Green Mountain 15/16” 50 caliber 38” straight octagon barrel, made...
  5. J

    WANTED Used Jonathan Browning Mountain Rifle

    Personal or private message. Goes to your inbox to read. Jerry
  6. J

    SOLD Guthrie Hawken Rifle .58 Cal

    Nice buy. Excellent rifle. Lock and triggers are no longer made also. Jerry
  7. J

    SOLD Scottish Murdoch Pistol

    Are you sure it is a 50 and not 52? All the ones I see that Dixie sold said 52 caliber smoothbore. Thanks. Jerry
  8. J

    SOLD WTS: Southern Mountain Flintlock Rifle .45 Caliber

    Weight of the rifle? Measurements across the flats of the barrel at the muzzle and breach? Is this the early version by Kibler? (I ask because his early ones had the Chambers late Ketland lock and 46" barrel. Current barrels are 44 inch and his CNC lock.) Any data on your shooting loads...
  9. J

    SOLD Custom SMR 45 Cal

    Still available. Jerry
  10. J

    SOLD Lehigh 50 Cal Muzzleloader

    SPF I am selling a contemporary built Pennsylvania Lehigh rifle that I purchased new. It has a 42-inch Rice swamped barrel in .50 caliber that is 1.0 at the breach and .830 at the muzzle. Lock is a Chamber’s Golden Age flint. I do not recall the builder’s name, the twist of the barrel or make...
  11. J

    SOLD Custom SMR 45 Cal

    Weekend bump. Make an offer.
  12. J

    SOLD Custom SMR 45 Cal

    Beautiful rifle and Doc will not be making any more. Someone needs this rifle. Jerry
  13. J

    SOLD Custom SMR 45 Cal

    Any offers?
  14. J

    SOLD Custom SMR 45 Cal

    LOP is 13.5 inches. Jerry
  15. J

    SOLD GRRW CA Fullstock Hawken

    Barrel is 36", LOP is 14" and it weighs around 9 pounds, but I have no scale. Lock is LR and Ron Long Triggers. Jerry
  16. J

    SOLD GRRW CA Fullstock Hawken

    SPF Up for sale is a NIB Green River Rifle Works – Collectors Association (GRRW CA) fullstock Hawken rifle in .62 caliber with a 1x66 twist, 1-inch-wide straight barrel, Doctor Gary White and Carl Walker jointly built in 2019-2020. The barrel is by famed barrel maker Howard Kelly. I have some...