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  1. Mntnhntr

    What gun do you save?

    Well either my 1823 Harpers Ferry or my Berreta shotgun
  2. Mntnhntr

    SOLD .45 CVA Mountain Pistol

    I have a similar one on 50 cal that I bought 30 years ago a the national convention. It's a tack driver. If the other two back out I will take it
  3. Mntnhntr

    FOR SALE Markwell Arms .41 Smoothie Derringer Kit

    If it falls thru I will take it
  4. Mntnhntr

    SOLD 50 cal. Hatfield

    Pm sent I will take it per the terms of pm
  5. Mntnhntr

    My first Pietta…issues

    See you never know how bad something is till somebody else tells you. I bouton a new 1851 navy from EMF a last month. 243.00 I never even noticed the black hammer till I read this post. Lol
  6. Mntnhntr

    Cva pistol issue

    Yes pistol
  7. Mntnhntr

    WANTED .530 rd balls or mold

    If you still have them I will take them
  8. Mntnhntr

    Cva pistol issue

    I have an old CVA pistol that i bought many years ago at a muzzleloading convention. It is obviously a kit build but was built well. l shot it for many years while doing rendezvou and at club shoots And won many a match with it. it is a 50 cal . issue is when I bought it( for 45 dollars, ahh the...
  9. Mntnhntr

    Lyman 1860

    After some research on the smith marks it is indeed a ASM and was manufactured in 1976 per the Boxed AB on the right side frame. it is interesting that it has 4 screw on the frame side vs 3 on my Piettas and Ubertis
  10. Mntnhntr

    New guy here with a few questions

    Overall shooting and hunting INMHO .54 cal 1x48 twist barrel. TC Renegade(several for sale In the classified here) give you the classic look with out all the shiny stuff. Wood stock, double set triggers. I deer hunt with a 54 with a PRB 100 grains 3fff. Drops a mule dear where it stands. A
  11. Mntnhntr

    Lyman 1860

    Found this at an auction bought. It showed up today. Kind nice to have the original box. Case Hardened frame, Nickel trigger and back strap, blued barrel and cylinder, gloss finished grips. Over all pretty good shape. It was stuck, cylinder would not rotate so hammer would not cock. Pulled...
  12. Mntnhntr

    SOLD Repro Griswald and Gunnison .36

    Need to change this to sold
  13. Mntnhntr

    Philadelphia derringer trigger pull

    He knows how to shoot very well and accurate. Was more using it as a muzzle loading learner that a shooting learner
  14. Mntnhntr

    Philadelphia derringer trigger pull

    Hard to pull measures almost 10lb
  15. Mntnhntr

    Philadelphia derringer trigger pull

    Bought a used Philadelphia derringer for my grandson to learn and shoot with. The problem is the trigger pull Is very high even for me. What is the best method to lighten it?
  16. Mntnhntr

    SOLD CVA Kentucky pistol kit-1

    I will take it 200
  17. Mntnhntr

    Antiquing percussion revolvers

    I agree 22 years in the Marine Corps and carried 1911s that were Korean war issue, M16a1 from Vietnam, M9 M4s and M16A2 new out of the box and the never looked 100 years old even after 4 years in the sand box