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    WSJ Black Powder

    Got a link that isn't paywalled?
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    Egg shaped vent hole on flintlock Pistol

    Expanding the pic, the hole was drilled on an angle. Check the depth of the bore compared to the hole. The breech plug may be forward of the lock pan.
  3. 4

    New barrel?

    As someone who has run a lathe a time or two.😉 Those look like the chips from the threading for the breech plug. The barrel was probably single point threaded, and the operator didn't clear the bore. 🤬
  4. 4

    Is this an authentic 1860 Colt?

    A group of like minded people,,,,,,,,,in other words, us on the forum.
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    Information on this old gun.

    Not silver solder, or at least not high temp silver. Clean the tenon, flux and tin it, and reinstall it. It wont take a lot of heat to do. Otherwise it's a British made gun, can't tell much more than that. BTW nice gun.
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    Revolutionary War muskets recovered

    What I read is that the statute of limitations for the theft has expired. Therefor the only thing they could prosecute on would be possession of stolen property. Then the prosecution has to prove he knew the arms were stolen. This way he is at least convicted of something. Also the probation...
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    Can "they" hear me? Do "they" care?

    Nine years, 1979-1988, two Knox Frigates, and USS New Jersey saw it quite often.
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    Can "they" hear me? Do "they" care?

    Navy here. The purpose of a "Dog Watch" is to cause a rotation in the watchstanders. The typical watch rotation is 4 hours on and 8 hours off. So standing a half watch means you do 2 on and 6 off. After that you're back to 4 and 8, for a week.
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    Pietta Vs Centaur

    I think I see ten differences. Some of them are subtle. None of which are finish differences.
  10. 4

    Need help with I.D.

    Since no one else has given the usual warning,,,,,,Run the ramrod down the barrels. It might still be loaded.
  11. 4

    How did they attach a bolster to a round barrel ?

    Post a picture. Quite a few were either forged as part of the barrel or forge welded after.
  12. 4

    Silver solder questions

    The 35% or 45% types from Harris will probably do anything you need. Harris solders
  13. 4

    Silver solder questions

    That's common lead free flux core plumbing solder. Flow temp will be around 400-500 F. The flux number is the type (acid, rosin, whatever) The 3.3% is the amount of flux in the core. Silver solder for parts has a much higher silver content, all the way up to pure Ag.
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    What fits this stock?

    I'm gonna say that it could be CVA, or possibly Traditions. The short tang is the main indicator. Investarms and most TCs have a a longer two screw tang.
  15. 4

    What fits this stock?

    A full length pic would be helpful.
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    Help With Threading Lock Bolt Blank

    Speaking as a machinist,,,,,,those Craftsman T&D sets are intended for thread chasing not cutting new threads. Buy a new die that's meant for cutting new threads, and you will have no trouble.
  17. 4

    Can I mix powder?

    Your revolver will perform better with the FFFFG. You get a faster burn for the shorter barrel.
  18. 4

    Revolving Rifle Project

    Don't bother with the "un-mentionable thingy" it won't save your forearm. The bbl-cyl gap will still spit hot gas and crud. If you wish to shoot those carbines with a foreward hold, use a leather Bracer/arm guard.
  19. 4

    Walker reproduction?

    My ASM Dragoon cylinder has the exact same blank where the Colt's would be. Remember ASM got sued by Colt for using Colt's trade marks.;)
  20. 4

    Walker reproduction?

    IIRC the early ASM KITS did not have serial numbers.