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    Trade rifle book

    There is a hard to find book called Proceedings of the 1984 trade gun conference. It's a bunch of study topics in magazine form. Several pages of English pattern trade rifles. Also some info on J.Henry rifles.
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    Does anyone have information about the Village Restorations replica of the 1792 Contract rifle?

    I think Jim Klein also built a few of these commemorative guns.
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    Shooting Marbles?? Is that smart?

    I remember reading a long time ago of an English hunter in Africa using a stack of coins that just fit the bore to dispatch some beastie after running out of lead balls.
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    looking to identified this old musket

    Can't quite read the name. Can you spell it out for us? Also it's a side by side double shotgun by the looks of things. More photos would be helpful.
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    A wild weekend

    The hammer damage is from over travel caused by the eroded away nipple. The two common cap sizes are the rifle size, usually #11, and musket size. This Fowler would not normally use musket caps.
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    Early French Trading Posts, etc.

    That's a fascinating period of history. I lived for awhile in Bourbonnais Illinois- there are still a lot of old French names there. Now I live in Michigan and several sites here also.
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    Converted 1855 Tower Musket

    Perhaps came out of the Nepal cache about 15 years ago? Lots of those were missing parts.
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    Hello from Northeast Michigan

    Welcome from the thumb of Michigan.
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    What kind of stuff do you all read?

    Sad ending for stringbean.
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    What kind of stuff do you all read?

    I have read all of Corbett's books but never before falling asleep! I would be fighting tigers in my sleep.
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    What kind of stuff do you all read?

    Elmer's book is a must read for anyone even remotely connected with firearms. Also a window into early 20th century life.
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    Old Guy returns but using a different name,

    Also says " banned " under your name. Hmm....
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    Any known Canadian flintlocks?

    Well, boys and girls, this has been a fascinating thread! Lots to think about and more research to be done. Thanks to all that contributed. 🍻
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    Friends of ours in movies/TV shows

    Local bus driver was the guy with long hair and beard that Joshua Chamberlain shot at point blank range.
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    Forged Colt stamps. Who did it? Tommy Haas?

    Tommy Haas is a name that I have not heard in a long time. Met him once about forty years ago. No ideas on your Colt.
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    Hello from Indiana!

    Guys, he was last seen here in 2021.
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    Trade rifle book

    TOW has a book on Indian trade rifles.
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    Michigan Small Game Hunting in State Forests?

    Been shooting squirrels for years on state forest land near Atlanta. Lots of acreage in Michigan to hunt on.
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    Kalamazoo Living History Exposition

    Several of us drove through an intermittent blizzard from the thumb,about a 4 hour drive normally. Took 5 hours this time. Been going for many years. It's a good show and we go mainly to see people that I know from Illinois.
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    Information on this old gun.

    Also be careful that you don't unsolder the barrel to rib joint.