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  1. IronHand

    New guy from SW Michigan

    Welcome back to the Dark Side. I'm north of you in Mecosta County. IronHand
  2. IronHand

    Pop can mortar help.

    I'm not selling, I just bought it. I paid $500. I thought it was a good deal. IronHand
  3. IronHand

    Pop can mortar help.

    I have not shot it yet. On the internet there is a lot of variation in powder charge used. Perhaps because of variations in the size of the sub chamber. Thanks for the info IronHand
  4. IronHand

    Kalamazoo Living History Exposition

    She's a BP line shooter. She would figure it out. Besides, there are pics.
  5. IronHand

    Kalamazoo Living History Exposition

    I've been going to that show for 30+ years. It's always good. This year I had some cash and some trade so I came home with a new bag and horn, a 1855 pistol carbine and a pop can mortar. Hope the wife doesn't find out how much I spent. 😳 IronHand
  6. IronHand

    Pop can mortar help.

    What powder charge do you use? IronHand
  7. IronHand

    Pistol Carbine

    Went to the K-Zoo show looking for a large bore handgun. Came home with this. Made in 1980 by A. Zole, 58cal, based on the U.S model 1855 pistol carbine. Ironhand
  8. IronHand

    Pop can mortar help.

  9. IronHand

    Pop can mortar help.

    Went to the K-zoo show today and came home with a mortar. Hand made by a machinist. Pictures will follow. Now I need to learn the care and feeding of the beast. Anyone out there who can enlighten me? Thanks IronHand
  10. IronHand

    Hello from MI

    Welcome from Mecosta County. What club did you join.? IronHand
  11. IronHand

    Tell me about this J. Brown Smoothbore .62

    +1 for an in the white gun. I've had a Jackie Brown trade gun for years. The finish on the barrel is nothing like mine. Same for the stock. Can't tell you what it's worth but once you refinish it you'll be glad you bought it. IronHand
  12. IronHand

    Lot of handguns

    Yes, to both IronHand
  13. IronHand

    Lot of handguns

    I ran gun shows for 36 years. Most of the dealers don't want to carry traditional BP guns because they are hard to sell. Not a lot of interest. The exception might be the revolvers. Most dealers with traditional BP guns are willing to bargain so they can get them of their inventory. One factor...
  14. IronHand

    Greetings from from the only state comprised of two peninsula's.

    I must be a troll then. I've been under that bridge several times while fishing Portage Lake. 🤠🎣 IronHand
  15. IronHand

    Hello from Michigan!

    Welcome from Mecosta County. Ironhand
  16. IronHand

    Something small

    Look on the used market for a Hopkins and Allen Buggy rifle. Compact small bore underhammer Ironhand
  17. IronHand

    Greetings from from the only state comprised of two peninsula's.

    Great club. Very good people. That was my wife's home club until I married her and dragged her off to Mecosta County. Ironhand
  18. IronHand

    Bear Banger

    Try these guys http://www.turtlecreekoutdoors.com/guided_bear_hunts I have hunted with them and my best friend works with them. Highly recommend. Ironhand
  19. IronHand

    Powder horn funnel

    I tried those. They worked but were too small for my hands. Catheter tip syringe, 30 or 50 cc, works well. Larger volume and easier to hold. You may have to reshape the tip. Any large pharmacy should have them. You could also go to the store and get a turkey baster. Pull off the rubber ball...