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  1. Mtblackdog

    SOLD Custom Made Mule Hide Boots

    If it falls through I will take them
  2. Mtblackdog

    Signature Series 1860 sold for $3025... What?

    Saw that as well. Purdy wood. But blew me away too.
  3. Mtblackdog

    Source for a garment tanned winter bison hide.

    Looking for a source for the above to make a bison hide coat.
  4. Mtblackdog

    Trade Bead Collection

    Yes He has some of those. Cool beads
  5. Mtblackdog

    Trade Bead Collection

    Took a quick pic of part my good buddies trade bead collection some of these are old real old as in 400 years.
  6. Mtblackdog

    WITHDRAWN Colt 1861 Navy..........

    Great piece! Im in the market for a 44 or I would be all over this.
  7. Mtblackdog

    Which antique colt percussion to buy.

    I really doubt he will shoot it alot. More of like a little here and there.
  8. Mtblackdog

    Which antique colt percussion to buy.

    Im looking to buy an original colt percussion pistol for my dads 75 birthday. Want a 44. Hes always wanted one. He is still more than capable with that caliber. Got about $2000 to spend. Most of the local guys say the 1860 army is probably best bet for that money. Any thoughts? What to look...
  9. Mtblackdog


    Any body know a good engraver. Need small inlay piece engraved.
  10. Mtblackdog

    Half Stock California Rifle from TOTW

    Yes they are great barrels. If I would of saw that it would have pushed me into buying that sucker. Great purchase. I went ahead and ordered a Bergmann to round out my quiver with a bigger caliber.
  11. Mtblackdog

    Half Stock California Rifle from TOTW

    Jim Goodoein was a barrel maker. Maybe somebody here can correct me. But my guess is he was not tge actual rifle builder.
  12. Mtblackdog

    Half Stock California Rifle from TOTW

    Man Ive been eyeballing that rifle for two months. Was close to pulling the trigger many times. If it had been a .54 cal I would have done it weeks ago. Congrats I probably should of bought it. Hope its a good shooter for you. Ive been patiently hunting a custom .54 for months. Looks like Im...
  13. Mtblackdog

    New guns inherited. Tell me more

    Yes thats the plan. My wife is gonna take the 45 and myself the 54. It will be a great elk gun for our December week long traditional only muzzleloader season here in Montana.
  14. Mtblackdog

    WANTED T/C Hawken/Renegade Barrel

    There is one in ebay right now
  15. Mtblackdog

    I talked extensively with a man who twice traveled the Oregon trail

    My great great parents came across tge trail and founded Corvallis Oregon. There is a statue of him in the cemetary in his civil war garb holding his musket.
  16. Mtblackdog

    New guns inherited. Tell me more

    Good info! Thank you
  17. Mtblackdog

    New guns inherited. Tell me more

    Yeah I figured. I just hadnt dealt with one that wasnt working at all and just the firing trigger is working. Also I fired a cap through it and its not firing the first hammer drop but does the second so its gonna need some adjustment as well.