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  1. GreyWhiskers

    Returned here

    Took a break from the forum for a while. Back now to see who's still here. GW
  2. GreyWhiskers

    Safe shooting distance for roundballs and steel targets?

    We shoot at lots of steel targets of differing kinds. They are set up anywhere from 20 to 175 yards. I have only seen one instance of r/ball lead splatter coming back and hitting somebody. The target was easily 50 yards away and was shot at by somebody in another group that was following us in...
  3. GreyWhiskers

    RIP Chuck Burrows (La Bonte)

    Sad news. :( His expertise will be missed. GW
  4. GreyWhiskers

    Hunter’s Star

    Looking for examples of the “Hunter’s Star.” May have also been called Hunter’s Compass? GW
  5. GreyWhiskers

    Poured pewter bolster.

    Nice little knife. I like poured bolsters. I'm wondering if the wheel weight is hard enuf? GW
  6. GreyWhiskers

    Corp of Discovery knife

    Great work on both the blade and handle! Hard to beat Chambers finish. I don't think more coats will make it more slippery. GW
  7. GreyWhiskers

    New to this forum

    Another welcome from CA. :thumbsup: GW
  8. GreyWhiskers

    Stroh "poor boy" ain't so poor!

    Nice rifle. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  9. GreyWhiskers

    Finished my first rifle

    Wow! That's quite a first build. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: GW
  10. GreyWhiskers

    over ball lubricant recommendation

    This what I've gone to. No more lube at the front of the cylinder. GW
  11. GreyWhiskers

    Steel Shot Question

    I have the same issue, Mac. My Pedersoli 10ga has one open barrel and the other is choked. On Dan's (22 fowl)recommendation, years ago I started using Hevi-shot with the Ballistic products plastic wads. I managed to kill ducks and at least one goose with that set up. The down side was that...
  12. GreyWhiskers

    New Rifle n Bag

    Oh, so that's why he's got such a mean look on his face! :cursing: :rotf: :rotf:
  13. GreyWhiskers

    New member in northern Illinois

    Welcome from Central Cal. :thumbsup: GW
  14. GreyWhiskers

    Smoothbore Picture Thread. Please Post!

    Pedersoli 10 ga
  15. GreyWhiskers

    New member from Central California

    Welcome to the ML Forum. :thumbsup: GW
  16. GreyWhiskers

    New Rifle n Bag

  17. GreyWhiskers

    New Rifle n Bag

    No but it comes in handy when I'm loading it. :surrender:
  18. GreyWhiskers

    New Rifle n Bag

    When I finally got the front sight low enuf I found it to be quite accurate. It points well and the trigger is fantastic. I hadn't thought about fur and stickers. But I'm ready to bloody this rifle so I'll find out much of an issue that is. GW
  19. GreyWhiskers

    New Rifle n Bag

    Chambers Early Lancaster kit in 54 cal. Built with a LOT of help from a Roy Stroh. Shooting bag with bobcat flap built by Jethro. And my old horn.