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    FOR SALE new unfired 1860 44 snub nose

    Yea I agree. And nothing feels as natural in my my hand as a 51 navy, except sometimes a 60 army lol. I don't trust conversion cylinders on open tops though. I have a couple of the uberti conversion guns and get nervous about loading them up to specs.
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    FOR SALE new unfired 1860 44 snub nose

    Yes I agree the 58 remmie snubbie is a much better choice. You can swap percussion cylinders too, and pietta cylinders are around for about $75 each. With paper cartridges you don't even need the conversion cylinders. cartridgekits.com is the best kit. This was the original snubbie though...
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    SOLD Ruger Old Army price DROP!

    The story is that the engineers built it to withstand a full cylinder of unique, compressed with a ball, and it was actually tested at that. At the time, duplexing was all the thing, but people were blowing up the italian guns.
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    CLOSED 1760's/1770's Reproduction English Flintlock Rife

    I just got a Kashtuk gun. It took a while, but it's very nice and he sent me pics of it being built at various stages.
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    FOR SALE Reduced Jaeger Rifle

    What caliber is it?
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    WANTED Long Malcolm Scope and Rings

    Can someone suggest a good gunsmith to mount one of these for me? My gunsmith can no longer do the work so I had to pick it up undone. I'm putting it on an eddystone.
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    WANTED Swedish M 1851 Kammerlader

    Thanks George I will PM you.
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    WANTED Swedish M 1851 Kammerlader

    Thankyou for the post. The release does not look like the others I have seen. Does it open up? Does it look sound to fire?
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    WANTED Swedish M 1851 Kammerlader

    Yes one of my tubers just put up a preview video of him shooting at and it looks pretty cool. It's like A-sharp's meat rolling block kind of design. Throws some serious gas out of the action though.
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    WANTED Swedish M 1851 Kammerlader

    Just learned about these things. I would like one in working condition if someone has one they can shake free, for an editorial project.
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    FOR SALE .58cal. Smooth-bore by Jack Duprey.

    Oh that's strange usually chrome lets you ignore it but it won't this time. I'm on a linux system too so go figure. But like Brice said, if you just copy www.bricestultzhisblog.blogspot.com it will load with no warning at all.
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    American Pioneer Powder

    I am in south florida also and I keep my alternative powders in a river bag or ammo can when I'm not using them
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    WANTED Blunderbuss?

    There is a .58 traditions kit when you can find it.
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    Secure Ways to Pay

    The numbers of actual online fraud out there are tiny these days. It is much more likely on a forum like this than on GA or GB, because we have algorithms in place to flag certain common MOs. On forums it is much more likely because old account gets phished and then the scammers post from that...
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    Secure Ways to Pay

    Absolutely incorrect parotted information that has not been true for a very long time. I posted about this on the prior thread. USPS money orders are the worst of the worst right now. Widespread use of them for guns became a thing after I made a very big deal about the US postal inspectors...
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    Hi Everyone. I have owned and operated the oldest gun buying and selling platform in the US for 23 years. What the Sheriff says is 100% true. I had encouraged people to use USPS money orders years ago, because US postal inspectors had tracked down one of our biggest scammers when no other...
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    pre-measuring or a better method of measuring for revolver?

    The best system for paper cartridges is cartridgekits.com
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    WITHDRAWN Custom Hand Crafted, Rich McDonald, 1779-1790 Early Virginia Style Flintlock Longrifle

    I know exactly what gun that was. I got a bad feeling off of that guy. He has a few others for sale. Have gotten a few broken guns from here, including the last one I got.