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    original style combustibles my way

    It both burns through and busts through. The explosion of the cap ruptures the base of the cartridge so you don't need to tear open the base to expose the powder. Some of Colt's original cartridges used very thin tin foil from Germany. The idea of the tin was it would not hold an ember. I...
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    "neck" knives

    Well whites in Scandinavia used/carry neck knives- the Lapps. As I understand it, in the winter they find it more convenient than having a knife on a belt that may get buried in bulky clothes/parkas, etc. What's even more interesting is the similarity of the sheath, with a center seam.
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    Mountain Man rifles

    I'm reading a book on Big Foot Wallace who was more of a Texas Ranger than a mountain man however the time period (at least in his early years) is about right. There is a photo and he has "Some sort" of long rifle. He came west from Virginia. IAE, this idea that everyone carried a Henry...
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    Texas Ranger Persona

    I've never shot a Patterson but always wanted to. The early pre-Patterson days, those guys must have had a strong backbone, always out numbered.
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    Stock Cast off

    One other point, in many instances you don't need that much, maybe 1/4" to 3/16". I would think 1/2" is too much but remember, this cast off business is similar to a shotgun, you tailor the amount to your body structure. There are 2 or 3 votes for the benefits and I'll add another. The first...
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    Civil War??

    I've lived in every corner of America so I guess I sort of "get" the local views. I feel that people from the north think there was a "conscious decision" that had to be made by each and every southern citizen as to whether they would join the Confederate Cause or stay with the Union. This...
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    Deer Hunting

    My family is from the extreme western part of the state (Ft. Robinson). I think there might have always been a deer or two but now a days they have come back big time- totally a different situation. Back in yesteryear the hunters in the family went after ducks. Kids shot rabbits.
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    Texas Ranger Persona

    Do you use Patterson Colts?
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    Six shooter C&B

    Well, maybe there is a little evidence. There is a photo of Confederate cavalry man Maddox (sic?) with all 6 loaded. Six years after Robert E. Lee died someone fired off his Colt 1851 and all 6 chambers fired okay. Maybe the most compelling is the fact that the military almost universally used...
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    Six shooter C&B

    It is true that the hammer on an empty chamber will have the bolt in the notch and lock up the gun better than on a pin. You cannot argue otherwise. To me, there are two issues, carrying a holstered gun and carrying a gun by hand. This issue of dropping a gun. If in a holster- you would have...
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    Civil War??

    I don't get the "Swiss Cheese" thing, could you item by item explain anything I posted that was historically wrong? I admit I can be wrong on occasion but I think all I posted is indisputable fact.
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    Civil War??

    A few thoughts.... First, I don't have a dog in the fight. I'm not for any particular "side" however I have come to realize that those from northern states don't realize the history lessons they learned in school are far different from those in the south. One argument, valid or not valid, by...
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    Tired of looking at brass grommets...?

    Yeah, that's a really good idea.
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    Six shooter C&B

    I'm not being argumentative and in the past I've been wrong on a few thing, so never say never, but it still seems to me highly unlikely that a dropped gun will rotate a cylinder far enough to put the hammer under a cap and then create enough force on the hammer to fire the cap. That test I...
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    Texas Ranger Persona

    A lot of folks in Texas adopt a TWI/Alamo era persona but the early rangers has single shot pistols, etc. I was wondering if anyone had such a persona?
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    Six shooter C&B

    I guess I'm missing something. To the best of my knowledge NO ONE is advocating lowering the hammer on a cap and carrying the revolver in that manner. So, the face of the hammer has a groove that is lowered on the pin in between the chambers, so the hammer isn't on a cap. You can beat on the...
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    hunting bees

    No, will do. Thanks
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    Six shooter C&B

    This issue seems to come up all the time and will not go away. Folks want to put the revolver through a torture test to see if they can "make" it fire. Now consider a side by side shotgun with a slide safety. The slide moves a tab of metal forward so the sear can raise in back and...
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    hunting bees

    Well I tried with no success. I found a bunch of bees gathering pollen on flowers. I caught some in a glass jar. When I let them go they just flew back to the flowers. Now and then one would take off for the hive but they took off so fast I couldn't catch them. I'd like to figure out how to...
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    William Drummond Stewart wrote about stuffing grass into his moccasins before he had to run over some rough ground. So- even in the day- they had issues. I would get some heavy felt , maybe several layers, and put them inside the mocs.