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  1. J


    WELL time to move on,It has been awhile since i started my only post, I just went back and read the responses,I meant no disrespect, It was my only post, never did another one, and it was my last. Please delete me from your forum, Lots of good people on here, and a few not so good, JMO. YOU have...
  2. J

    Quiet moments during the off season.

    It,s a beautiful day here, all sun , after 11 days of rain, Im getting my gear ready to set up my primitive camp, up in my pasture.Im recoating my tipi poles with thompson,s water seal, and i will be good to go. I pulled some dead alder log,s i cut last fall for firewood, up to the campsite. I...
  3. J

    One Blanket Traders

    I have bought 3 shirt,s from him and am very happy with all of them, I recomend 1 blanket very highly.
  4. J

    skill,s lost

    WELL alot of you tell me to quit complaining. If i made it sound like a complaint it was not meant to be. It was a statment as to how i see tecnology affecting what i really enjoy doing. Others here said i lost my communication skill,s???? never said i had any. I have been on this site a few...
  5. J

    skill,s lost

    IM an old guy [SKINNER},I am sad to see the old hunting skills being replaced by tecnology. WE traditional mountainmen & women that still pratice thise skills are a vanishing breed.Replaced by range finders wind meters gps blood tracking instruments camo scentless clothes.amoung many other tec...
  6. J

    New Movie The Revenant?

    It may not be correct in every detail but with the way the country is going i could use a 2 1/2 hour movie about a life style i enjoy as an old skinner. Just to forget about everything thats working against us .
  7. J

    JM Browning mt rifle

    THEY were both made in 1983, Which ever 1 has the best walnut stock is the 1 i will keep unfired Both have the brown steel furniture. If i knew how to post pics on here i would post pics of my rifles.
  8. J

    JM Browning mt rifle

    I bought a JM browning mt rifle in 50 cal in 1983 it is new in box i never fired it. Yesterday i bought another 1 new in box in 50 cal for $750.00 now i have 1 i can shoot and 1 as an investment. They are hard to find in original box unfired my christmass present to myself lol.
  9. J

    Hawken, not Hawkin, not Hawkins

    With all the problems in this country and the world i joined this forum to enjoy learning and talking about [SKINNIN} RONNDY,s] and rifles. Im not here to be schooled in propper grammer. But that said theres no place a person can go without the grammar police calling you out. Even on here.
  10. J


    NOT everyone can afford to be period correct. If you worry about [AM I PERIOD CORRECT] for every thing then you wont enjoy yourself. MOST ronndy,s have rules that keep them as traditional as possible, but that said,new skinners and their families have to learn and $ are tight nowadays. NW...
  11. J

    complete lock

    I took the lock off because i could not get the set trigger to engage, i saw that someone had tried to adjust the sear screw and stripped the head. It will fire with the front trigger also not enough power to push the frizzen forward. [I cant spell] so i just feel it would be better to...
  12. J

    complete lock

    I just traded for a CVA pennsylvania rifle flintlock. i need a whole new lock for it any suggestions on where to buy 1. THANKS
  13. J

    rear sight

    I just picked up a T C hawken rifle with the adjustable rear sight, i would like to replace it with a standard buckhorn sight. Anyone know who makes and sell this type of replacment?
  14. J

    cva rifle

    I just picked up a CVA pennsylvania rifle flintlock in 50 cal and a traditions shenandoah rifle prec. in a trade its a 50 cal. I traded a model 94 winchester 30 wcf made in 1947 for them. both are in great shape bores are good few handeling marks but im happy with them.
  15. J

    CVA .50 Mountain Rifle

    THERES 1 on gunsamerica they are asking $650.00 for it.
  16. J

    camp chairs

    Im looking for at least 2 folding wood camp chairs for RONNDY. New or used. anyone have any recomendations where to get some? thanks
  17. J

    Score: My new T/C Cherokee

    GREAT looking rifle. I know you and your family will enjoy it.Maybe invite your papaw out with you to shoot it bet he would really like that.
  18. J

    Long rifle brand recommendations?

    I have 3 long rifles all pedersoli. 1 silver star 1 kentucky with tiger stripe maple stock and 1 walnut pennsylvania long rifle. all 50 cal and the pennsylvania is a flinter. highly recomend pedersoli firearms. They are on the expensive side but the cabelas pedersoli blueridge rifle is well...
  19. J

    CVA Hawken trigger problem

    I bought a CVA mountain rifle in 50 cal in 1978 and have shot it hundreds of times and have taken 7 deer with it been to many ronndy,s I have never had a problem with it. GREAT RIFLE.
  20. J

    Pictures of my new Pedersoli Traditional Hawken

    VERY nice rifle i have a PEDERSOLI rocky mountain hawken with a maple stock 50 cal. Beautiful rifle.