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    Hello from the NEK

    Welcome from SW Ohio. Expatriot NEKer, myself.
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    My toys

    Just as long as you don't choose ends of your property and solve arguments with them, you should be fine.
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    J.p. beck flinklock

    Aye. Thanks for the compliment, lad.
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    Snakeyes pistol

    I'll have to mike the balls I use in mine (I think they are .350), but I've used either a greased felt wad or thin patch w/ success. W/ a wad, I use a pinch of tow over the ball to keep it down tight on the powder.
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    J.p. beck flinklock

    Surprise, surprise. That should be an embarassment and good negotiation point. "Everyone" knows how BP will rust a bore when left in too long. Probably wasn't cleaned after the last use because they didn't clear that load; another negotiation point. Unsafe! "It may not even be safe to shoot...
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    FOR SALE .445 Minie Mold, Lee Single Cavity

    Lowered to $45, shipped w/in US. Includes handles.
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    gun show find - percussion long gun

    The wrist shape and checkering makes the stock looks like a British sporting rifle to me. I don't think that folding ramrod/wiper would be practical for a rifle, but for a smooth bore, it's inspired- and eliminates the need for a forearm or thimbles. How's the balance?
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    The Good, the Bad and the Visible

    That's a dramatic enough improvement for me to find some Evaporust. I thought I was ridiculously anal about bore cleaning; even have a set of concave drop mirrors for a better look down the bores. My primary rifle looked mirror-bright - until I ran a scope down (& mine doesn't show laterally as...
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    FOR SALE .445 Minie Mold, Lee Single Cavity

    From what I've read, it should. I wasn't using this mold or shooting these Minies, though I used to have a .45 (& would be keeping this if i still had it. I'm selling this for a friend. I believe that he intended to but it is unused. From what I've read, Minies work well in RB twist rifling. I...
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    What did you do today

    Thanks for that PVC tip. Hadn't occurred to me.
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    FOR SALE Mold w Handle, .450 Minie, Single Cavity, NIB

    NOS .450 Minie w/ handle, NIB $55, sent to CONUS. $50 plus costs elsewhere.
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    FOR SALE .445 Minie Mold, Lee Single Cavity

    Blocks are stained but otherwise immaculate. In good, original box. $55 sent to CONUS. $50 plus costs eleswhere.
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    Kibler 58 Finished.

    Beautiful gun and work. Hard to argue with the sentiment or it's bold statement.
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    FOR SALE RB Mold .440

    Lee Double cavity mold w/ handles, NOS, $40 plus mailing
  15. F

    FOR SALE Minie mold, .450 Lee

    Single Cavity w/ handles, NOS, $45 plus shipping.
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    Colonial knife question

    I find it interesting that the Scot on the left of the front line is wearing trews, which I associate w/ lowlanders, but also a dirk on his chest? What's the rest of the story on the painting? What's the fallicy in my understanding? Thanks.
  17. F

    Colonial knife question

    I've read that the proscription was lifted for those joining the Royal Regiments, and that the exemption extended to their immediate family (probably in the English, rather than the Scottish, sense). I don't recall if it extended to weapons for the family, but, apparently, it was part of the...
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    SOLD Buffalo hunter/Skinner, camp knife.

    I've followed your posts, liking what I see a lot, but unable to afford anything right now. I'll just keep drooling on my keyboard. Stay safe.
  19. F

    Double Bag

    Museum or presentation grade work. Your skill and attention to detail are awesome.