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    period correct bags

    Why were the shooting bags back in the day so small. Seems like all the H/C bags I have seen are on the small side. Why was that?
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    LYMAN GPR Users Unite and tell us your story

    Great looking rifles! Where might I find a pewter nose cap for my 54 GPR?
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    FOR SALE Old File knife

    It says old file on the blade. I was told that it may have been made buy a company called old file knife company.
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    FOR SALE C.S. Barker Bag new price SOLD

    I believe it is sold pending receipt of the funds. If it falls through I will let you know.
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    Reenacting with diamond tents.

    Looking to purchase a diamond shelter and would like to see pics of those that use these. No one in my club uses one and would like to get some ideas of how to set up camp.
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    FOR SALE Old File knife

    TTT, best offer.
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    FOR SALE C.S. Barker Bag new price SOLD

    This is a really nice hand made bag. I wanted a larger bag that is why I'm selling it. I would take $100.00 and I will pay the shipping.
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    FOR SALE C.S. Barker Bag new price SOLD

    Bag made C.S. Barker and is hand stitched and lined with what looks like linen. Bag measures 7x9 and has a pocket inside and also has a 2" gusset on the bottom for extra room. The strap is C.J. Wilde hand woven strap with leather ends and a brass buckle. This strap will adjust to 52". It has...
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    SOLD Iron Mounted Flintlock Rifle By Randall Buchanan

    Thank you, I will be in touch with you soon. I need to liquidate a few items to free up some assets.
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    SOLD Iron Mounted Flintlock Rifle By Randall Buchanan

    Could you please show a pic of the opening mechanism on the patch box?
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    Leatherman Bags

    I sent an email to the address on the web site but have not heard back yet.
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    Leatherman Bags

    Anyone on here a bag from The Leatherman? Just wondering about the quality.