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  1. K

    Hawken flint lock rifle kits

    Is anyone willing to share a build experience for a Track of the Wolf full stock flintlock muzzleloader or a Pecatonia River Hawken kit? How difficult are they to build and are they reliable shooters?
  2. K

    options to build a flintlock Hawken Great Plains Rifle?

    Who builds Hawken kits? Traditions, Ivestarms Gemmer, Pedersoli, Track of the Wolf. Kibbler may in the future. What are the options currently?
  3. K

    What lock would you use for a custom build

    Thinking along the same lines, I was ready to buy a Kibbler, but it looks like there is no estimated time to market for a Hawken style rifle. What I heard was, if and when, Jim brings one to market, it will be a percussion model. A few weeks ago, I visited the Wild Bill museum in Cody Wy. The...
  4. K

    Need recommendation on getting my first flintlock

    Keep this in mind when buying a flintlock. The lock is the most important component of a rifle. The less epensive manufacturers cut corners on their flint lock locks. The heat treating on the frizzens are not heat treated properly, so they don't spark well and the tension on the springs...
  5. K

    WANTED GPR / Hawken Right hand Flinter in 50 or 54 caliber

    Yes, What are you asking for it? What is the bore twist? Do you shoot round ball or minie balls?
  6. K

    WANTED GPR / Hawken Right hand Flinter in 50 or 54 caliber

    Thanks, I think I am going to hold out for a flinter. Do you know if it is an easy conversion to flint?
  7. K

    Do i need a custom flintlock rifle??

    I understand 45 cal is adequate for deer. What do you use the 40 cal for?
  8. K

    WANTED GPR / Hawken Right hand Flinter in 50 or 54 caliber

    Looking for Hawken or GPR flinter in 50 or 54 caliber. Right hand. Would consider TC but prefer Lyman GPR.
  9. K

    Do i need a custom flintlock rifle??

    I am basically asking the same questions. A Kibbler rifle kit will cost you about $ 1,300 plus or minus. A Pedersoli flinter is about $ 1,000. If you can find a used Lyman, GPR, they are around $ 500 to $ 700. If you have to buy a replacement lock ( L &. R) they run about $200 extra. So to...
  10. K

    selecting a caliber for hunting? small game vs big game

    Thanks for all of the good suggestions!
  11. K

    Lyman Muzzle loader rifles, Discontinued?

    Maybe its time to support Jim Kibler. His rifles are all made in the US and of high quality. Now that all of the European manufacturers are raising their prices, Kibler appears to be a good deal! I just hope he will come out soon with a Hawking, 50 cal flintlock! Thanks!:cool:
  12. K

    India Made Firearms

    I am not interested in "fancy" rifles with lots of carvings and embellinshments. My only focus is on accuracy and reliability, especially when it comes to flintlocks. If you buy a lower end Spanish or Italian rifle and than install a "replacement" flint lock on the rifle to make it more...
  13. K

    WANTED 50

    Nice rifle, but I am going to hold out for a flinter. Thanks😃
  14. K

    WANTED 50

    50 cal Hawkin Flint lock, right hand ignition
  15. K

    Lyman Muzzle loader rifles, Discontinued?

    Are Lyman rifles discontinued or are they just back ordered in the supply chain? Where can I get a Lyman Great Plains or Hawkin stule rife?😁 New or used?
  16. K

    Sharpening flints?

    Keep us posted and let us know how it works out? :cool:
  17. K

    Help identify borescope discoveries please?

  18. K

    Flint won't spark

    I am new to the flint lock scene as well. Can anyone list some good flint lock gunsmiths that can do heat treating etc? 😎
  19. K

    Help identify borescope discoveries please?

    I have an Winchester, model 54 30-06 rifle that was my Uncles. It is 100 years old more or less. It has that "alligator" checking in the bore. I was told by a gunsmith that the gun is safe to shoot, but the checking does contriibute to degraded accuracy. It never was meant to be a target...
  20. K

    Shopping for a finished Flintlock Rifle

    I am kind of in the same search mode, but I want something in 36 or 40 cal for plinking and small game. If you are thinking of buying a flintlock, than it is important to buy a quality lock which bumps up the price. For example, if you purchase a Tradtions, which is at the lower end of the...