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  1. Moe ziggley


    i got one last week myself i just delete them and check my bank,,only one time my account was charged 270,,by pay pal,,someone created a personel account in my name diferent email though,,so they refunded me and shut dow the account
  2. Moe ziggley


    the best packing box is triangular,,got a fishpole in it,,had to cut it up to throw it out couldnt bend it
  3. Moe ziggley

    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    the kid brought down her rifle that was behind the door for 20 years,,she has others but forgot about this one,,never seen a mud wasp nest in the breech before,,,gonna ripe the hole thing apart an see if she brought me any other bugs from up state
  4. Moe ziggley

    I hope I have not ruined my muzzloader?Help!!

    I wash with dawn and warm water..90% alcohol swab dry swab and olive oil swab..when i smell the oil rancid its time to clean again..an old guy showed me to use bacon grease..but the smell of bacon in my room drove me nuts..i was thinkin of getting some of that barsol stuff..they say it cleans...
  5. Moe ziggley

    Keeping Muzzleloading Alive

    I have over the 35 years while working had summer help kids work in the shop with me..it is a job but a rewarding experience... They never forget you and what you teach them..after i retired i moved to the woods.. It took a kid ..now 45;: three months to find me to tell me this and that other...
  6. Moe ziggley

    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    I got one that was still loaded like that...it hung on the wall for years loaded and dirty..i brought it home dusted it off and hung it to play with another day..few years later..awe lets clean that thing..wow its loaded..i had walked around the market with it..rode it home in the trunk of her...
  7. Moe ziggley

    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    Got an EiE 38 remington...That was rode hard and put away wet..never cleaned except for the barrel and swabing of the cylinder.. Did the ripe down to get to one stuck nipple..I heated it a bit oiled it a bit.beat it abit..bent the handle on the nipplewrench which amazed me my grip anit what it...
  8. Moe ziggley

    Metal working files?

    i got three sets of files from my grand father,,he rewound generators and other electrical windings which is un heard of today,,he taught me to repair harley starters and car generators later alternators...he also used the same small files in his gun work,,, some of them are like a tooth pick..i...
  9. Moe ziggley

    Need help....Have a cva hawken rifle with ball stuck in it,,,

    few years back picked one up at an auction,,got it home,started cleaning found it loaded,,,,was gonna just shoot it but gave it a minute and got out the puller which didnt work,,went back to maybe i,ll shoot it,,put it up and thought about for a month,,came around another auction,,gave it to a...
  10. Moe ziggley

    Non-Toxic Roundballs?

    lead ??,,they took urine samples from 2000 random people..1/ 3rd children...80% of them had the chemicals in there pee that are in round up and fertilizer,,,the little seeds you plant in your organic??? garden ..have a little red coating on them,,that stimulates growth and prevents bugs from...
  11. Moe ziggley

    Found a hens tooth

  12. Moe ziggley

    Found a hens tooth

    As i clean im finding proof marks and stamps..trying to figure out if i can put the barrel in the tank to clean the rust or will it come apart..it looks like a twist to me .i first thought Damascus.. But the lines started to come through.. I.l post a pic you tell me..tank or no tank ..or boil...
  13. Moe ziggley

    Found a hens tooth

    Found this at an auction to day
  14. Moe ziggley

    how to remove rust from breech?

    Its close to the washing soda i use in the tank..moe
  15. Moe ziggley

    WANTED Trigger Spring

    Picture so i know what i,m digging for..got a idea ..flat with hole in one end..
  16. Moe ziggley


    since now i can buy a cap maker anyone know of taps in the old threads like 6/36 or what ever lock screws are,,bought a hammer screw and tumbler for an 1844,,,screw had threads but not the tumbler,,trying to fix it to hand down,,,,,and i think anyspark near that nipple might work,,sounds like a...
  17. Moe ziggley

    Why is everything out of stock??

    what i have found while searching for stuff is that alot of stuff came from where the war is,,Russia Ukraine,,the boxes say brazil threw midwest,,,,but a lot of brass comes from over there,,and if you go threw ebay its still gettable
  18. Moe ziggley

    Help indentify this lock plate

    now that prices are up people are parting with their stashes,,,,went to a place that usually has 8 guns in the case,,in a month there's 6 cases ,,10 or more per plus loaders and misc.,,on shelves,,,
  19. Moe ziggley

    Help indentify this lock plate

    thanks sorry i didnt respond sooner ,,read your response,lost my mind ,, and went to the web to look for parts,,found a lot of parts when i typed in the Dixie gun works..plus it lead to ebay and a guy about an hour from me with old parts for sale.. he just got to old to do gun shows...