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  1. BozoMiller

    FOR SALE "ACCOUTERMENTS" Book $50 shipped.

    I have a really nice book for sale "Accouterments", by James R Johnson. Great condition, missing dust jacket.50$ shipped PayPal is fine. Thanks for looking.
  2. BozoMiller

    Hawken Build

    Very nice.
  3. BozoMiller

    Dyeing Deer-Antler Powder Measures with McCormick Food Coloring

    I use oil based leather dye. It works pretty good, but limited on the colors
  4. BozoMiller

    custom flintlock period hunting knife

    That's a really sweet knife Randy.
  5. BozoMiller

    Kibler .36 SMR

    Lovely rifle.
  6. BozoMiller

    Kibler contacted me!

    That's cool.
  7. BozoMiller

    Thoughts on this knife

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/225076170157 Looks kinda traditional. Just wondering what you think.
  8. BozoMiller

    The Best Muzzleloading Movies

    Frontier on Netflix, pretty good
  9. BozoMiller

    Bill Large Plains Rifle

    This is a very fine gun.
  10. BozoMiller

    SOLD Belt Knife

    I love it, very nice job.
  11. BozoMiller


    Damn nice job.
  12. BozoMiller

    Stain color?

    I have read about making your own dye out of vinegar and steel wool. Just soak the steel wool in the vinegar for a few weeks and it will get very dark as the steel wool dissolves. Works good on leather, don't know about wood. Might be worth a try. I think its called vinegaroon.
  13. BozoMiller

    Best place to buy leather?

    I have found three really good places. Montana Leather, in Billings MT, they have email specials just get on their list, very large selection. Brettuns Leather Village, in Maine, lots of little stuff and leather, not a large selection but they are always updating their inventory. The best prices...
  14. BozoMiller

    The Last of the Mountain Men

    Frontiers 194: Dick Proenneke - At Home in the Wilderness Not muzzle loader but this guy was pretty cool.
  15. BozoMiller

    The Best Muzzleloading Movies

    "Wild Times" with Sam Elliott, as Hugh Cardiff. It was a tv mini series. Had a really good scene with him at a target match using a ML
  16. BozoMiller

    My new old rifle

    Very nice.
  17. BozoMiller

    Leather gun cases

    Very nice job.
  18. BozoMiller

    Woodsrunner arrived today

    Congratulations, it will be a really nice build.