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    Carolina Trade Gun/ Rob Miller

    Late last year I decided I needed a Trade Gun and began the hunt. After looking for availability of existing Trade Guns at all the normal places I decided to have one built. Several members of a FB group pointed me in the direction of Rob Miller as the go to guy for Trade Guns. I tracked down...
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    CLOSED U.S. Historical Society George Washington Pistols

    Lt Joe, Private Message sent, please respond and we will go from there.
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    WANTED RevWar / F&I period swords wanted

    I am developing an interest in swords and knives from the period of French & Indian to American Revolutionary War. If you have anything along those lines you may consider selling please send a PM with pertinent information and photos. I will consider, knives, hunting swords, hangers, etc...
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    WANTED George Washington Battle Sword

    Looking for a reproduction George Washington Battle Sword. If you have one you might be interested in selling please send a PM with information, photos, etc. Thanks
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    Value on Shotgun

    PM sent
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    Vintage firearms

    If you have something to sell you can post it in the firearms classified. That is for antique and contemporary arms.
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    FOR SALE A.J. Plate Plains Rifle Original

    TTT trades considered, FYI the inlay at wrist appears to be abalone shell.
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    CLOSED Basket Hilt Scottish Sword

    Have not read that, please forward if you find it. Thanks
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    CLOSED Basket Hilt Scottish Sword

    Cvkotvkse, I agree. I expected this 17th century original to actually be heavier than it is. Obviously the balance/ counterbalance makes a huge difference but I’m still amazed at how nimble this sword feels. I feel sure heavier basket hilts were made in the period but looking over Neumann’s...
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    CLOSED Basket Hilt Scottish Sword

    At least the Basque have good food!
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    CLOSED Basket Hilt Scottish Sword

    I would say if it’s not in your DNA it would have to be an acquired taste!
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    CLOSED Basket Hilt Scottish Sword

    Thank you for the information. I’m afraid that after buying an original at 2lbs 1oz total weight I’m going to have a hard time finding a reproduction that I love! I do agree that Paul Chen and Cold Steel both offer a nice reproduction, just wish they could get the weight down. Thanks again for...
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    CLOSED Basket Hilt Scottish Sword

    I have posted some long shots over the years but this one beats them all! Looking for an original or possibly a good reproduction basket that is American Revolution period or earlier. I have a sword blade that I want to re hilt so looking for those parts. I may also consider complete Scottish...
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    SOLD PENDING Colt 2nd Generation Pocket Police NIB

    The barrel length is 5.5 inches, and yes it is available at this time. Thanks
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    CLOSED Custom 20 ga Flintlock Fowler

    I 2nd that motion, hard to wrong with Rob! He does a fantastic job at a very fair price.