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    WANTED Zouave Carbine Steel Ram Rod

    Cutting a ram rod down, and rethreading it is an easy job. Just thread it to 10/32 thead. Dave
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    Gday from wisconsin

    Gday to Yah!! from Wisconsin Dave
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    Smoothbore Long Range Penetrating Shooting Fun...

    Thanks FOR ALL your videos, Mark. Dave
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    Pedersoli Indian Trade Musket questions

    The serial # on your Pedersoli should be on the left rear side of the barrel, along with a build date code. They have also started putting the regular date in boxes. Dave
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    Cleaning the breech where the flashhole comes in

    What boman said. Take out the nipple, throw it in the bucket, take out the clean-out screw(dont loose it) let it soak while pumping the barrel with hot water, till your patch comes out clean. Clean your nipple, and the flash chanell with a pipe cleaner. Dry barrel, and lightly oil it. Dave
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    Brown Bess Trigger Job (?)

    I second Gus' method, of soldering on brass at the full cock notch on the tumbler. I have done that on all my C. W. Muskets. it works, and lasts. If you try it, use "Silver Solder". I have an ole electric soldering iron that I use just for this kind of work. Dave
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    How old are ya?

    79, been shooting blk powder since 1961. Its the only way to shoot. Dave
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    A little shooting

    Good shooting. Good on You. I wish we had places to shoot around here, except for rifle ranges. Our DNR looks down on shooting in the woods, when its not hunting seson.
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    Comparing two Pedersolis. Insight?

    I have one of each. I built the BB Carbine from a kit, along with the Indian Trade musket, which I am still working on. I plan on shooting both of them this spring. Our black powder range is only open from May thru November. Dave
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    New setup from Pedersoli and Track of the Wolf!

    good Purchace. Thats a nice set up. i Think you will like it. Dave
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    Thoughts on short barrel smoothbore

    I have been thinking of my next build from a Pedersoli kit. Was thinking of another Trade Musket kit in 20gage/.62cal, and shorten the BBL to 26 1/2 inches from 36. Would be a cool, lightweight woods gun. What say ye,??. Dave
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    Woodsrunner Sling

    I have a couple of ole hand drills, I Liberated from the Navy. We called them "hurdy gurdies". They work very good. I also have a nice 1/2 inch Drill press by Omahaw Tool. The little batt operated hand drill I use is a small one, I got on Amazon. Its a Kimo 12 volts, perfect for working on gun...
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    Woodsrunner Sling

    NO... That would make a bigger hole in the stock as you used it, from ware.. Just drill the hole in the swivel lug a few thousands bigger then the swivel screw diameter, just enough to let the screw swivel. Use the same size drill bit to drill the stock. As for drilling the whole...
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    Woodsrunner Sling

    You dont drill through the BBL channel per se. The metal lug is silver soldered on to the underside of the BBl. Then drill a whole in it for the sling swivel. Drill it in the lower half of the lug. Then you have to inlet the lug into the stock, in the stocks BBL channel. Use lipstick to on...
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    Woodsrunner Sling

    Grenadieris right. The pic for the upper swivel is upside down. When swiveled down it will hit the RR pipe and not block the channel. Dave
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    Woodsrunner Sling

    I havnt done it on a Woodsrunner, But I did it on my Pedersoli Indian Trade gun. I got the sling swivels from TOW. One mounts in the stock, just aft of the trigger gaurd. The other mounts up on the bbl, by the second RR Pipe. For the upper one you will have to silver solder a lug on the bottom...
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    Sealer, how long?

    I use LMF sealer, and let it dry at least 24 hours. The LMF finish does not dry as fast, and I let it dry at least 2 days. Dave
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    Lock stuck in stock

    Also Loosen the tang screw on the bbl, then reinstall lock screws till they are just above flush, and tap the screws with a mallet. If the tang screw threads into the trigger gaurd loosen all the retaining scews. It sounds like the trigger needs some metal work. Dave
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    Which kit?

    Whats a Lu Dave
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    Rifling in Pennsylvania .50 Cal Pedersoli

    You could run a small patch of light grade 3M scotch brite pads up, and down a few times. You will have to use a smaller cleaning jag. I think the pads color is gray. Get it on Amazon. Or you use 0000 steel wool, with oil. Or you can use some valve lapping compound on your patches. I have...